Mini Road Trip – Washington DC / Delaware

So, we’ve taken another little trip.  This time it was a 2 day trip to Washington DC and then over to Delaware to visit Rehoboth Beach.  Two places that we have not been yet and I was looking forward to it.

We left on a Sunday night after my oldest daughter’s gymnastics competition and drove straight down to DC.  This was about a 3 hour ride that stretched into 3 ½ due to the amount of traffic that was on I-95 heading down.

We had hotel reservations at the Grand Hyatt in Washington but opted to go straight to the Lincoln Memorial to see it lit up at night.  We arrived and managed to find a parking spot on Constitution Ave a few blocks from the memorial.  I wasn’t sure it was legal but there were other cars there so I did it anyway, we walked away without any tickets.

The memorial was quite awesome at night, it was all lit up and Lincoln was enormous.  I guess that’s what you get when you do such good things for the country.  Turning around, we were able to see the Washington Monument in the distance as well as the Capitol Building.  DC was quite pretty at night.

After looking around for a bit, we decided to get back in the car and find our hotel.  If I would have know that all things were pretty much in walking distance, I would have done this first.  We found our hotel and opted not to Valet since the plan was to sight see for most of the day and then head out.  The valet would have probably required us getting our car at check out; the parking garage that we chose was directly below our hotel and was $42 for 24 hours.

The rooms at the Grand Hyatt were fine, but there was not free breakfast in the morning.  I did not care too much since we got a great deal on the one night stay that we had.

After checking in, we walked ourselves over to Old Ebbit’s restaurant for dinner.  It was pretty late at this point but that did not matter since this place did not close until quite late in the night, pretty much early morning.  The food here was not that great but it is a landmark place so we had to go there!  Supposedly this is where all the politicians go to eat.  I didn’t see any, not that I would have known if I did….

In the morning we got up, checked out, got some coffee, and headed out to the sights!  First we put our bags in the car, but you get the idea.  We walked to the White House, and then made our way down to the national mall where we took a look at the Washington Monument, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the WW1 and WW2 memorials, and the Korean War and Vietnam War memorials.

This took the entire morning and we were hungry at this point.  That was a lot of walking for the day, the plan was to get lunch at Elephant and Castle and that is exactly what we did.  The food here was quite good, just American bar food but good just the same.  The staff was friendly and prompt and the overall experience was delightful.

After lunch we decided to leave Washington and head out to Rehoboth Beach Delaware.  This was about a 2 ½ hour ride from Washington DC and was pretty uneventful.  The best part of the trip was the Bay Bridge which was quite long and I found it awesome.  I always like structures like that.

We stayed at the Hyatt Place in Rehoboth, the rooms were much nicer than that of the Grand Hyatt in Washington but this was new construction and the rooms were not confined to old structures.  The staff was extremely helpful and friendly; they gave suggestions for places to eat and advised us as to what was open in the area.

We decided to go and eat at Woody’s Tavern and the food there was pretty good.  I had the Dewy Dunker which was pretty much a French Dip on steroids.  The soup was good and the meal was delicious.  I bet that place is mobbed in the summer.

After dinner, we attempted to go to the boardwalk but by the time we got there everything on the boardwalk was closed and the little town of Rehoboth was shutting down for the night.  We did walk up to the actual beach to see the water but we did not stay long since everything was already closed.  It probably did not help that it was early November……It was 75 degrees though.

The next day started with a nice buffet breakfast provided by the Hyatt place.  There was French toast, egg bowls, cereal, yogurt, pretty much a continental breakfast with eggs.  My kids housed the food there and we spent way more time eating than expected.

We finally got moving and the plan was to make stops on the way home as we meandered back up to New Jersey.

We stopped at the fountain of youth in Lewes Delaware which was an old roadside attraction, I guess, but my wife got a pretty funny picture of her frowning in front of it.

We then made our way to Dog Fish Head brewery and I went on my first factory tour.  What an awesome experience to see how the factory works and all the machinery and work that goes into making and producing something.  This stuff is not cheap or easy.

My wife was pretty happy with the tour since they gave you a free tasting card which was good for 4 samples of beer, since I don’t drink, she ended up with 8!  Nothing like being smashed at noon!  It was all good since it now was raining pretty badly making the rest of our outdoor plans something that was not going to happen.

So, after Dog Fish Head, we just headed home…….Not bad for a short road trip.






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