Kensun YS-205 (Home 110V)/ DC (12V Car) Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator Review

Getting a flat tire is one inconvenience that drivers will have to go through at least once in their lifetime. For most motorists, though, there’s nothing worse than being caught with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. But if you have the Kensun YS-205 (Home 110V)/ DC (12V Car) Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator at the back of your car, then you likely won’t dread getting a flat tire anytime, anywhere.

And you don’t have to get caught with a flat tire to be able to appreciate this portable air compressor tire inflator. You can also use it for several purposes, like inflating your son’s soccer balls. You can also use it for inflating your daughter’s inflatable pool.

This Kensun tire inflator has been tested on up to 33 inch tires. It also comes with a 55 cm. long rubber air hose, a 3 meter long cord, as well as three nozzle adapters. This is one of the highly rated portable air compressor tire inflators on



  • Very lightweight and portable at 4.8 pounds
  • Tested on up to 33 inch tires
  • Pumps up to 40 PSI
  • Air flow rate of 11 liters per minute
  • Has three nozzle adapters
  • Can inflate all kinds of tires, from cars, motorcycles, scooters, SUVs, and trucks



  • It is small enough to fit into the storage area next to the jack and spare tire
  • Despite being small, it is solidly built
  • It is very affordable
  • It comes with a black storage bag
  • It’s a very good choice for motorist who want to occasionally top up their tires
  • It is very simple to use the compressor. Simply screw the air hose into the valve stem of the tire, plug it to a wall outlet or to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle and press the on/off button. You’ll have to keep track of the pressure by looking at the gauge. Once you have hit the desired pressure, turn off the unit and disconnect everything.
  • It’s not obnoxiously loud that you wouldn’t fear disturbing the neighbors when you use it
  • The unit isn’t intimidating even for novice drivers. It only has an on/off switch, large and easy-to-read pressure gauge, air hose, AC adapter, and the three nozzle adapters.
  • Many satisfied customers on say Kensun has a great customer service team
  • The tire nozzle clips on securely
  • There are tire pressure warning lights that tell you that it has reached the target pressure, and that you have to remove the hose from the tire
  • With this tool, you don’t have to go to the gas station to top up the air in your tires
  • It gives motorists peace of mind because they don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire
  • It has a work light that comes in handy whenever you get stuck in the middle of a dimly lit road
  • It has a nice handle with rubber feet designed to prevent slippage
  • The long AC power cord means you don’t really need an extension cord in the garage to be able to use this tire inflator
  • It has an auto shut off function. Once it reaches the preset pressure, it automatically shuts off. You can also press the on/off switch to shut off the unit.
  • You can replace the hose in the event that it gets damaged to as it is detachable




  • Because it is small and low power, it won’t inflate tires quickly. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes to inflate a car tire.
  • You’ll have to let the unit cool for 10 minutes after 10 minutes of continuous operation. This means it can take a while for you to inflate four tires.
  • The silver pebbled finish on the exterior plastic is too reflective, and can make it hard for you to look at the compressor when you are keeping track of the pressure gauge. This is particularly true when you are using the tire inflator under the bright sunlight.
  • It has very minimal directions printed on a small piece of paper. However, one may argue that this is due to the ease of using the inflator.
  • The pressure gauge is manual; not digital
  • The work light isn’t as bright as LED work lights



This portable air compressor tire inflator can be compared with other top rated tire inflators on such as the P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator. While the latter has LED lights and a digital gauge that make it very popular among reviewers, the said digital tire inflator is a lot more expensive than the Kensun YS 205 tire inflator. The digital tire inflator is also very noisy according to reviews, so you might have second thought using it as it may disturb your neighbors.

Then there’s the Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station High Performance Inflator. While this unit gets good marks for its excellent build quality, reasonable price, and ease of use, a lot of people say that it is also loud. Not all reviewers were also thrilled with the size of the portable inflator, as they say that it can take up a lot of space in the trunk.



The Kensun YS 205 is one of the top rated portable tire inflators on, and it is easy to understand why. It is very lightweight and compact. It is also very easy to use. It can inflate tires of cars, SUVs, and trucks, even balls and inflatable pools. And it is one of the cheapest tire inflators around.

While Kensun is not a brand as prestigious as other names like Black & Decker, it has come out with a solid product with this tire inflator. The Kensun YS-205 (Home 110V)/ DC (12V Car) Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator is simply one of the best portable tire inflators today.

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