Karting Safety Equipment

For my karting adventure, I needed to purchase safety equipment.  In the club racing that I am going to be running in, I will need a Helmet, a neck brace, a karting suit, shoes (I believe they just need to be high tops but I don’t have any high tops), and gloves.  I have also purchased a rib protector because I do not want any issues with my rib cage.

First order of business was getting a helmet.  I am a cheap bastard and wanted to keep the cost down so I ended up purchasing a RaceQuip Pro15 Auto racing helmet since there may also be some autocrossing in my future.  I was able to get this helmet for around $200 and it meets all the SA-2015 ratings for karting and auto racing.  Hopefully it fits well and visibility is good.  I wanted to go to Motorsports 2016 this winter but weather kept me from attending and trying on helmets.

To help with the bouncing of the kart and the weight of the helmet, I believe that a helmet support is required.  Even if it’s not required, it would be nice to have to save strain on my neck.  I went with the RaceQuip black collar because that is the brand helmet I purchased and it was very affordable.

Next up was the suit; I went with the Sparco KS-3 Karting suit.  Karting suits are different than race suits due to their construction; they are geared more towards abrasion resistance than fire retardants like normal race suits.  Since in karting you are exposed to the elements with no safety belts this is required.  The Sparco suit meets CIK-FIA 2001-1 requirements and should suit my purpose just fine.  The cost of the suit was also reasonable.  There were other suits out there that were less money but did not meet all requirements so I went with this one.

If you remember when I was first collecting information on Karting, I was told that I would also need gloves.  Not sure if you actually need them to race, but I don’t want any issues.  I purchased a set of Sparco KG-3 karting gloves.  They were affordable and matched what I was already purchasing, not that It matters but it did.  Black Sparco gloves to go with the Black Sparco Suit.

KG-3 Gloves






I also purchased a rib protector.  I went with the Sparco SPK-3 model because of cost as well as construction of the protector.  It seems a little less rigid than other models and the seat on my Kart is pretty tight already.  I did not want to feel like a robot while I was driving so I went with the “softer” looking model.  The model up was also affordable but did not look like it gave freedom of movement which I would prefer.

The last thing that I purchased for personal safety is the shoes.  Like I stated earlier, I don’t believe that specific kart shoes are a necessity but you do need to have high tops.  Since I own no high top shoes I purchased a set of karting shoes.  Since I am mainly focused on staying within a budget (which I’m blowing by the way) I went with the cheapest karting shoes I could find.  The K1 Black Pilot Kart shoes is the shoe of choice for me.

The personal safety equipment ended up costing me more than I bargained for.  I did not own any motorsports related equipment so I needed to purchase all of it.  In the end I have spent $650.00 on this equipment.  Not too bad but more than I would have liked.  It leaves me with less money to spend on spare parts and tires.  Unfortunately I need to be safe while doing this so it must be done.

If you’ve liked this post or have any comments, questions, or advice please let me know in the comments section.  Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks.


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