Kart Prep – 2017 Race 7

This was what was on the agenda for Kart Race 7 in the NJ State Championship series, I had a broken tailpipe that needed to be fixed and a chain that broke the last time I was out!  So we needed to address those things.

The first thing that I did was to purchase a new tail pipe for the PRD Fireball that I am running.  I would have purchased one from one of the local vendors at the track but they did not stock any parts for the PRD since I am the only person using it.  This probably is why I am not competitive this year…..

So I ordered on online and installed it on the motor.  This was super easy as long as you have some springs to keep in connected.  It just slides right over the extender piece and attaches with the springs.

No Pipe Installed

New Pipe

Slide the pipe over the sleeve and connect with springs

Rest the pipe on the exhaust holder and use the springs to keep it in place.

Springs also keep it connected on the fat end to the bracket that it sits in.  I kept the bolts loose for the next part of the project.

This part was to make sure that the sprocket and rear gear were lined up completely straight.  The chain had broken and the gears were completely chewed up.  I’m not sure how that happened but my guesses were either that the chain was the wrong size or that the gears were not in perfect alignment.

Wow those teeth are chewed up!

The first thing to do was to get the old gears off, since they were both chewed up pretty good.  You can see how to get them off in this post.

So I changed the rear gear to the largest one that I had, which was an 86 and I made sure that the gear that I put on was a #219 tooth spacing to match the new chain that I had and the 11 tooth sprocket that I had put on the clutch.

I then took a long level and made sure that the gears were in line with each other.  To do this, you just take the flat part of the straight edge, in my case a long level, and make sure it is sitting flush against both sprockets.  To my surprise, they were!  Maybe the chain that was on there was the wrong size……

New Chain and gears installed

I finally got these two projects done and to my surprise, I could not get the kart started.  I thought that it may have been the battery so I purchased a new one in an attempt to be ready to run for race 7.  Unfortunately, the new battery did not solve the problem and the kart was not going to run for race 7……

I took the starter apart again and found that there was a break in the wire where the contacts touch the magnet.  These parts are not readily available so I ordered another set.  You can see how to change them out here.

This, however, did not solve the problem.  It seems that this kart needs a completely new starter.  This starter motor seems to be completely worn out and I am on the fence on whether or not to fix it.  I may want to spend my money elsewhere….

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