Kart Prep – 2017 F-Series State Championship Race 2

I did not make it to the first race of the season.  My plan was to run the full season for the NJ State Championship.  However, due to a starter issue, I was unable to participate in the first race.  Therefore, this post is about getting the kart ready for Race 2.  This time I plan to make it and I will have the bigger carburetor on as well.

First things first, the small 166 carburetor needs to be removed.  In its place will go the HL 360 carb that is stated that I can run in this class.

The way to do this is to remove the clamp that holds the air box to the carburetor adapter device.  I just flipped the air box over to the side.

Unscrew the Clamp and slide the airbox off

Then you will need to remove the two bolts that hold the carburetor to the intake side of the engine.  I believe that they are 10mm bolts.  I loosened them and then removed them by hand so that they would not drop and fall to the floor.

Once the bolts are removed, the carburetor can come off and you can put the new one on.  Make sure that you line up the holes properly with the carburetor and the engine.  The gasket also has a hole so double check to make sure it is on the right way.

Getting the carburetor on the engine is a little tough, you will need to slide it on and then hold it out to slide the bolt onto the stud.  Once you get the threads started you will be able to tighten them down.

Now the air box adapter can be bolted to the new carburetor.  You will notice in this post, that when I originally was going to do this, I found that the old air box adapter did not fit and I needed to buy the one for the HL 360 carburetor.  Using the original screws that I removed from the old adapter, I installed the new adapter.  This is easy peasy!

These are the bolts that are used, this adapter was on the old carb

New Carb with adapter

Next up was the fuel line, I just cut the zip tie that was holding it down, struggled with getting it off the nub, and eventually put it on the new carburetor.  Wrapped a new zip tie around it and that was complete!

The throttle cable, this was fun!  The old carburetor had a linkage that was upsidedown and coming up from the bottom.  I had purchased a top mount linkage last year and attempted to put it onto the 166 Carburetor but broke the throttle shaft while trying to install it.  I have since learned that you need to mount the carburetor first and then install the linkage…..who knew?

You will need to remove two of the bolts that hold the fuel pump diaphragm to the carburetor to install the top mount linkage.  The linkage that I purchased came with 2 longer screws to make this possible.  I also needed to pillage the throttle cable clamp from the old carburetor because the one on the new one did not seem easily removable.

Throttle cable clamp that i took off the old carb. I put it on the new one so the top mount would work…

Just install the new (old) throttle cable clamp to the carburetor’s butterfly control lever and thread the throttle cable through the new top mount linkage assembly.  It is easier to do than to explain, but it goes together pretty easily.

Now there are just two things left to do to get the carburetor installed.  You need to adjust the throttle stops.  Make sure full throttle is just at the carburetors throttle stop and then adjust your karts throttle stop so that when your foot is to the floor the carb is wide open but not quite at the stop.  This will ensure that you don’t break anything, at least with fuel delivery……

The next thing I wanted to change was the gears.  I wanted to put the front gear back to the 11T that I had on there previously and change the rear to a 77.  I figured this would keep the RPM’s lower and keep the engine running strong for longer, while still giving me plenty of go.  We’ll see if it works.

To remove the front gear you need to take off the Chain guard.  There are 3 bolts that hold it on and all of them on the PRD Fireball are Allen bolts.

You will then need to remove the clutch bolt from the crank.  I stuck a screwdriver in the flywheel and used a normal socket to remove this bolt.

Wow! Look how worn that drive gear is!

Then the washers come off and then the clip will need to be removed.  This can be difficult but nothing a screwdriver couldn’t handle!

Then the entire outer clutch assembly with the gear can be removed.

To get the old gear off, I used a giant 1 ½ inch socket on a breaker bar with a set of channel locks.  I used the Channel locks on the gear itself and the giant socket for the bolt that holds the back side of the gear on.  This was a bear because you need to put thread locker on the bolt.  This I learned the hard way.  Keep pulling, it will loosen.

To install the other gear, I put some thread locker on the new gear and tightened it up the same way I took it off.

I also wanted to change the rear gear out from the 86 I had on there to the 77 that I thought would give me the performance that I wanted.

Remove the tire, and then the three bolts that hold the gear on.  Then just put the gear you want in and bolt it back up.

Take those three bolts out!

Put the new gear on! Mine has three bolts

At this point, the starter is fixed, the new carb is on, and the kart starts!  Should be good to go!

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