Kart Parts – Pre Racing

I’m getting ready for the season.  The 2016 Raceway park schedule is out and I am going to be running in the PRD Spec Sr. class.  I believe that I have mentioned that before but I’m not sure.  I’ve been holding off on purchasing these parts because I’ve been hemming and hawing over getting a one person kart stand.  I have decided against it since that would put me quite a bit over budget.  I did, however, purchase some spare parts that I think that I’m going to need.

First off, I’ve decided to purchase the exact gear that the series in set to run in.  The first part is the drive sprocket.  This series states a 10T drive sprocket.  The one the kart came with is an 11T and the guy I purchased it from says it is legal, because of the final gear ratio, but I don’t want any issues so I’ve decided to get the 10T gear.

I’ve also decided to get the 77T sprocket for the drive axle.  This is the exact gear ratio that is stated in the class structure.  If I put those two parts on I should have no issues with passing tech at the first race.  That is my goal, to run the entire series.  Maybe I’ll win the championship by default.

I also purchased a new #219 chain.  I was a little confused about which chain I should be buying but the rear gear gave me some inclination.  The gear that I’ve purchased is for a #219 chain, and from what I’ve read online, the drive gear is also a #219 but could very well be anything.  It may not even matter what the drive gear is like.

A new set of tires was also in order.  The tires that are currently on the kart seem ok and have some life left in them but I purchased an extra set anyway.  The class rules are for Bridgestone YLC’s and I purchased a full set.  My plan is to run the first practice on the current tires, and depending on how that goes either run those tires or swap out for the new ones.  The existing tires appear to have life left but we’ll see how they perform when on track.

I did buy an RLV bead breaker tool so that I could change the tires when I need to.

I’m also going to need to change out the rear disc brake.  The one that is on there now is very small and I don’t believe that I will have the necessary stopping power over the long haul, the previous owner had front brakes on the kart but they are not legal for the class I want to run.  That being said, I want to put the original big disc back on.  The guy I purchased from gave me the original brake disc that came with the kart, it’s a CKR kart, but the brake pads are all worn out.  So I purchased a set of brake pads for a Ven05 rear disc brake system.

I got myself some Motul Grand Prix 2T oil.  From the research that I’ve done, this seems to be the best that you can buy.  The PRD Fireball needs a mixture of 20:1 according to the PRD site, but I was told by the previous owner to do a 16:1 ratio.  This is 8oz of oil for every gallon of gas.

Last but not least, I purchased some Motul “Road” Chain lube spray to keep the chain and sprockets lubed.

This purchase set me back $463.00.  I got a couple of bottles of the Motul oil and the tires were $200 by themselves.  I am now at the end of my budget.  Hopefully I’m good to go.  I will obviously cover entry fees and gas out of pocket, but to start I had a little over $4000.  It is now gone between the purchase of the kart, safety gear, and spare parts.  This should be fun!


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