Just Terrible In The Legends Car…….


Oh Man!  I am really not good in the Legends car.  I am way off the pace and can’t even get any idea on how to drive it fast.  I’m not sure if it’s my FOV or I just really suck at driving this car but I just can’t get it around the track very well.  My irating is plummeting and my SR is not doing as well either.  I thought I would be ok in this car but I am not.  I was much better in the street stock where the tracks were a little longer and the car a little more powerful.  Hmmmm, I wonder if I just suck at the short tracks…..Either was, I qualified 9th and finished in 11th due to an early incident involving another car.  I gave him plenty of room down low but he hit me anyway and we both ended up in the wall.  I had to get towed so that ruined this race for me.  I managed to cruise around and ran a 15 second lap at Lanier but it was still a full second off the pace.  Those guys are really fast!



Damn, this Spec Racer Ford.  When I get in a race it’s great, but getting into an official race can be quite the task.  10:45PM on a Friday night does not seem like a good time to try and get a race in.  This is the 3rd time it has not gone official.  Bummer

Spec Racer Ford was at the Müllenbachschleife course on the Nurburgring.  I did a lot of practicing on this track to try and get my lap times down and I was doing pretty good.  Even though I practiced a lot, I ended up qualifying 11th and that was out of 12.  There was a lot of Melee in the beginning and I was able to get around a couple of those cars and move up to 9th.  Unfortunately, because of the slow downs I was relegated to bringing up the back of the pack and I raced around the track in 9th for the rest of the run.  Oh well, Maybe I’ll get fast one day and be able to compete.




That was the worst Mazda race that I’ve had in a while.  I qualified 5th and was racing pretty well but I ended up losing it in turn 4 and getting off into the dirt.  Since I was racing for 6th, I kept my foot in it and ended up spinning out into the inside wall.  I then waited for the cars to pass and started to go again, only to find out that the car was toast and undriveable.  I ended up towing it to the pits and going 2 laps down.  So I just went out there and tried to run the fastest laps that I could.  This resulted in me crashing again and having a terrible race.  Finishing last with a completely torn up car, it was so bad that I couldn’t even finish the rac.  Tomorrow is another day.

I had to run the Production Car Challenge at Laguna Seca again.  I know this track pretty well and can lay down decent times.  To finish all the way in the back 2 laps down was not sitting well with me.  So after the Spec Racer Ford race I jumped right into the Production Car Challenge.  I qualified 5th and fell back in the beginning.  I really just try to stay clean on the first lap and not get into the crazyness that happens with these racers.  I fell back quite a bit but there was a couple of wrecks in front of me that I was able to avoid and the spots that I lost came back.  I just kept pushing throughout the race at this point and I ended up finishing 3rd!  That’s much better!


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