Just Run The Default Setup! – Sim Update

This is terrible, another week with no video’s!  I can’t believe it!  I really need to either reboot this thing more or upgrade my rig so that I can get these videos working.  Oh well, below is the written account of my racing for the week.


Oh boy did I screw up this first race, sorry Top Floor Jacks!  I was debating for a while whether or not I would run a race tonight and I decided to.  Then I took a gamble on the gear ratio in the rear of the Legends Cup Car and went too low for the race!  I went with the 3.90 rear gear and I was hitting the rev limiter halfway down the straight at USA international.  Of course I finished in the back because I could not keep up with them.  I even tried pitting and attempting to change the gear out but I already knew that I would not be able to.  I tried anyway.  Oh well, maybe I should have just gone to bed!

The Production Car Challenge was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway’s road course.  I was able to get in some practice before hand and was running pretty good laps.  So good that when I entered the race practice I was the fastest car there!  In qualifying, I ended up 2nd.  The race itself was pretty uneventful with me trying to get around the first place car and failing.  A couple of laps in, the 3rd place car was able to catch us and race with us.  He got around me because I did not want to crash and he was trying to get in front of the leader.  I backed off a little because he seemed a little erratic and it paid off with him going off and coming back across the track in front of me.   If I was racing him hard he would’ve hit me in the door!  Anyway, he gathered the car up and sped away again.  I rode around in 3rd for a while and he must have crashed because I passed him again and finished the race in 2nd.  I’ll definitely take 2nd!  Unfortunately, it looks like my computer did not record this race properly, so I will end up with only the bad Legends race….

I did a lot of practicing on the Canadian Tire Motorsports park race track in preparation for the Spec Racer Ford race.  I was running pretty consistent laps and getting the feel for this track but I could not get into an official race.  I tried twice and both times were failures.  I may try to get up early and get this race in but I’m not making any promises.

I was unable to get the race in…..I got up early but the race did not go official again.  I don’t think i even tried, 10 minutes before the race there was only 2 registered racers.  Oh well, Maybe next week i can get this one in.

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