I Love Watkins Glen! – Sim Update!

I got started a little early this week.  It’s now Wednesday evening and i got the first race of the week in .  I went for the Spec Racer Ford at one of my favorite tracks, Watkins Glen.  This track is so much fun.  It takes a little bit to be fast at it but it is awesome.  I got about 15 minutes of practice in and then Qualifying started.  I ended up in the 2nd split and qualified in 2nd.  It was a really good race, I ended up finishing 2nd but led for almost half of it.  I was then caught by Mike and he was able to get around me.  We then battled the rest of the way and i made my move for the lead a little too soon.  I left Mike a full lap to get the position back.  He was able to get a run on me through the back streatch and get by.  I was then unable to catch him to earn the win.  I’ll take 2nd though!

I love racing at Watkins Glen so i had to do it again.  Saturday night was the race i ran and it was at 11:45.  I put in some practice for the race, like i usually like to do and then i went for it.  Since it was late there was only one split and i ended up qualifying 7th.  The race was going really well and i was battling for 4th when my wheel fell off the chair!  I was able to recover and stay in 5th but i had to adjust it on the back streatch!  I was able to salvage a 5th place finish, and due to the higher strength of field, i ended up with more points!  Go figure.

Well, the next race that i decided to run was the National Series at Bristol Motor Speedway.  I ran a good 1/2 hour of practice getting ready for this race and it paid off!  I ended up qualifying 1st!  So i had to start the race off.  I’ve never had to do that before so i was a little nervous but it went pretty well.  I immediately lost two positions but was able to get up to speed fairly quickly and keep up with them.  I was running a little bit of an unconventional line and maybe held up some people but only when i was fighting for postition.  I ran most of the race in 1st but was eventually caught and passed for the lead.  I was able to hang onto 2nd though and i finished the race there.

The last race of the week.  The Mazda MX-5 cup at the Nurenburgring.  This track is just huge!  Trying to remember all the turns and places that you can go fast and where you need to slow down is a lot.  They run this race a little differently than the others, there is no qualifying, just a warm up and you grid according to your irating.  I ran 2 laps of practice and was doing ok but was crashing here and there.  It’s a tough track.  Then tre race.  I managed to keep it clean and was doing pretty good.  I was up in the front and fading a little but i wanted to finish the race.  So i was going a little slow into one corner and the guy behind me hit me and spun me out.  That damaged my car, but i was able to keep going.  I managed to limp the car around the track 2.5 more times and finish 3rd.  I think this track is survival of the fittest!

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