How To Replace Wheel Bearings – GMC Envoy

So, I bought cheap wheel bearings about 2 years ago and replaced them in the Envoy, so now its 2 years later and about 40k later and the front drivers side bearing is making noise.  It is time to replace it.  This is how to replace those wheel bearings.

First you would want to pop off the hub cap on the rim and break the lugs on the tire.  This is to make it easy to remove the tire from the hub after you jack it up.

You will also want to break the nut on the axle while the truck is still on the ground.  I believe that this is a 36mm nut; I have a giant socket that I used to remove it.  You will not be able to manually break this nut while the truck is in the air, if you have an impact gun with an air compressor you may be able to break that nut with it in the air…..

Then you want to jack up the vehicle, I use a 4-ton Craftsman Hydraulic jack to lift up this truck.  It is pretty big and slides right under it.  It makes lifting it really easy.  Once it is up in the air, you will want to stick a jack stand under the frame for added safety.  Safety first!

Take the wheel off of the truck, this will expose the brake caliper and rotor.

Remove the two bolts that are holding the brake caliper to the bracket and put the caliper to the side.  Try to rest it on something so that you are not stretching the brake lines.

Then you will need to remove the brake rotor.  The rotor is held on with 2 metal clips that kind of twist off.  Once they are removed the rotor should slide right off.

There are a series of clips along the spindle and upper control arm that go around to attach to the electrical connector that is mounted to the frame rail.  You will need to pull out all of the clips and disconnect the electrical connector.

Remove the axle from the hub, a light tap with a hammer will suffice in getting the axle to slide out of the hub.  Be careful, you don’t want to damage anything in the differential.  Do not hit it too hard!

Remove the 3 bolts that hold the hub in place in the spindle.

At this point I would normally recommend that you have a slide hammer handy to yank out the wheel bearing, but my wheel bearings were not rusted in yet since they only had 40k on them.  Mine fell right out when the bolts were undone.

The next step before I tell you that it’s the reverse of what you just did, is to put the hub back into its position in the spindle.  Make sure that you route the ABS sensor cables properly through the dust shield and put the dust shield on correctly.  I’ve not done this correct in the past and had to unbolt the whole thing just to re-route the ABS sensor cable.

Now you can just re-assemble the vehicle.  The reverse of how you took it apart!




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