How To Get The Thrustmaster T150 Working With IRacing

As stated in the first sim update, I have purchased a Thrustmaster T150 force feedback wheel and pedal set.  The pedals leave a little to be desired but are plenty functional and the wheel itself is pretty good for an entry level force feedback wheel.  If you are just getting started and are on a budget, this is a good choice to be looking at.

The Thrustmaster T150 wheel and pedal set is very easy to hook up, there is a clamp that is used to attach the wheel assembly to the side of a desk or table and then the USB cord just gets plugged into the USB port on the PC.  You will need to have a decent size lip on the side of the table or apparatus that you are clamping it to in order to have it be stable.  I believe that the wheel assembly hooks to the table about 6 inches in.

The pedals attach to the back of the wheel using an RJ-11 connector for communication.  This is just a phone cord and is plenty long enough to be able to route around and out of the way of your feet.   Also there is an external power cord that is required to power the wheel.

Sticking with assembly, if you are using a laptop or smaller monitor on the desk, you will want to have something to raise the laptop or monitor up so that you can look at the screen over the steering wheel.  This may seem obvious, but I did not think about it when purchasing.  I have my laptop set on a box that allows me to see straight over the wheel at the screen.  In this configuration, it does not impede my vision at all.

Obviously we are connecting this to a PC, since this post is about getting this wheel working in iracing.  Everything about this wheel states that it is only for a PS3 or PS4 but don’t worry, it is also compatible with PC.  I downloaded what I thought were the correct drivers for the wheel, and my PC found it but iracing did not.  After messing with It for a while, I finally got iracing to see the wheel, but it was still not right.  Steering the cars on track was next to impossible with every little movement of the wheel sending the car off to the side.  This was not realistic and I knew this could not be right.

I eventually found the correct firmware update and drivers for the device.  Click Here to get the necessary files.  Take the time to download and update the drivers and firmware, it makes controlling the cars on track so much more realistic.  The other little trick to getting this to work properly is to make sure the device switch is set to PS3.  It will not work properly on the PC in PS4 mode.

So now that I have this setup properly, iracing is an absolute blast.  Controlling the cars are very realistic and racing against other people in real time is awesome.

If you found this helpful, please let me know in the comments below.

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