Got Them All In! Sim Update!

Starting this week at Daytona in the K&N National series.  I got plenty of practice in and ran about 20 minutes worth.  I got hooked up with a draft partner and we were running super fast laps together, times in the 44.5 range.  That is super fast!  I got into the race and qualified 12th.  I’m not sure what split I was in so I am unsure if that is a good result or not.  I ran around just following the cars in front of me till lap 4 when the big one happened.  I’m pretty sure the entire field was involved in this one.  I needed a tow and came out of the pits in 13th.  I hooked up with someone and we ran pretty good laps and the leaders came by.  We then hooked up with them and were running good laps and making up some positions.  Then the end of the race came and the leader was bunched in with 4 of us fighting for position.  I was really trying not to wreck the leader and ended up wrecking the 2 car.  I was just trying to get the draft so catch the cars in front.  I apologized.

The next race was the IMSA series at Watkins Glen.  I know this track so after a few laps I was getting quicker in the Audi.  I ran about 15 minutes of practice and was feeling pretty comfortable.  I ended up qualifying in the 8th position and at one point was up in the top 5.  I was running really well and then disaster struck.  I missed the line going through the fast sweepers and I hit the inside wall going over 100 mph.  This sent the car out of control.  I managed to keep going but the car was just not the same.  I pitted soon after losing a couple of positions and was trying to hold onto 7th place and was looking like I was going to make it.  Then I crashed a couple of more times as my tires wore out and finally crashed for good.  This put me in 11th overall and 8th in class.  Not doing so well in the longer races.

The Skip Barber Formula 2000 was at Road America this week.  I hopped in for the full 30 minutes of practice and was 14th fastest in my session.  Not sure how many people were in the session but that is what I was.  I felt like I could get around the track pretty well but then I qualified.  I qualified 6th on the grid but I was the last car that qualified.  Now that could have been due to wrecks and what not but still, my fear was that they would all come up from behind me and pass me.  The race started and before the first lap was done, there was carnage on the back stretch.  I managed to avoid it all and ended up in 3rd.  I could see the leaders and for a second or two I though I may be able to catch them.  This was going to be great!  Unfortunately, they pulled away and I was passed for 3rd and 4th by two drivers who were just plain faster than me.  I think it was the kink that was slowing me up.  I wasn’t hitting it right and had to lift most of the time to get through without incident.  I think that is where they were making up most of their time.  All in all, I guess I’ll take 5th.  After all, I was the 15 car…..

Running the Street Stock at the Bullring this week, I ran this race late on Saturday night and was getting some good times running this track.  I ran about 60 laps in practice and even with worn out tires I was able to keep the lap times int he 17 second range.  I made it to the race which was one split and I qualified 6th.  Ran a pretty good race, took out the 9 car but he kept coming down on me when I thought I clearly had the inside line.  He was ahead of me so maybe I was being a bit aggressive but still.  I feel bad for taking him out, I didn’t mean it.  Anyway, I was running good and got as high as forth.  I was racing at the end in 5th thinking I could have a shot at the win but the 3 car lost control and I had to slow to allow him not to wreck me.  This caused the 6th place car to catch me and he got his nose to the inside, I no longer had the preferred line and he was able to get around me.  I did not like this and raced hard on the outside but lost control and almost wrecked.  I managed to save it but ended the race in 7th.

So, for the final series of the week, I ran the Audi R8 in the Blancpain Sprint Series at Monza.  This is a pretty fun track and it’s pretty fast except for that one little chicane.  I ran some practice laps at it before running the Street Stock at the Bullring and then was able to practice some more before the race.  I ran pretty good and was getting the hand of the track so when qualifying started I was feeling pretty confident.  I was the 9 car and I qualified 11th.  Not too bad.  The race started and I did pretty well for awhile.  Then I dive bombed someone and gained a position, but on that same lap I lost it through the high speed chicane and completely wrecked my car.  I think I was thinking too much about pit strategy and was not paying attention to the actual race time.  I guess this is where practice would help a lot.  I could run a race with the proper amount of fuel and see how much I needed.  I would then know ahead of time what my pit strategy would be and I would not have to think about it during the race.  Anyway, this caused 10 minutes of repairs and I sat through them to end up going back out on track in 18th position.  This sucked because I was actually pretty fast, I could stay in front of the cars on track for awhile even with the damaged car and reduced speed that I was running.  Two more cars crashed out and I was able to get up to 16th where I finished.  This series is killing my irating and my sr.

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