Going To Try To Run 4 This Season…….

Well, it’s the start of a new season and I’ve decided to run the MX-5 cup because the top 20 drivers overall are eligible for a chance to drive a real Mazda.  So, I figured that I have to be in it to win it.  I hoped into the Mazda at Summit point with about 15 minutes of practice ahead of me, this allowed me to get comfortable with the car on the track.  I am pretty fast on this track but I have an issue with the one left hander after turn 1.  I just don’t carry enough speed through there.  Anyway, I qualified in 4th position in the 2nd split, it seems that all drivers have the same idea as me.  Hopefully they won’t keep up the consistency as the week’s progress.  The start of the race was a little hairy with my car getting a little side tap in the first turn but I managed to hang on and the 3 top cars broke away from the pack pretty quickly.  I was hanging with 1 &2 until the leader spun on the last turn.  I don’t really know what happened to him but he ended up in the dirt.  That left me in 2nd and I was desperately trying to stay with the leader but I just could not catch him.  I made too many mistakes which lost me time but I did manage to take 2nd.  It was a good start to the season.

The other series that I am running, because of the possibility of getting in a real car, is the Skip barber series.  For 2017 Season 3, race 1 is at road Atlanta.  I practiced fairly well and was 11th quickest in my practice session but I was placed in the 2nd split as the 4 car.  This was fine until I qualified 12th!  That put me towards the back of the field and I had to make my way up through.  I got off to a great start and passed a few people.  They caught back up to me on the back stretch using the draft but I was on the inside through the chicane so I was able to maintain my lead on them, but doing this was letting the cars ahead of us pull away.  I then came up to a really slow car in the esses on the front part of the track and attempted to go around him.  This was a mistake as I hit the curb and him while trying to get around.  This shuffled me back to last place!  So much for my irating!  The car was not destroyed and it was giving me a lot of trouble driving it but I managed to muscle the car around the track and made it back up to 11th before the race finished.  I’m not happy with the result and may try this again….

New car, new track, decided to run the Xfinity B-class Nascar race at Michigan.  I was practicing pretty good and also qulified in a decent position but I am not used to the closing rate of the other cars on the track.  Because of this, I moved up into the 2 car when he was above me and crashed us both.  Completely my fault, I should have listened to my spotter just like it says in the video.  Oh well, I may have to try this one again.

I had to run the Michigan race again, I just couldn’t let that crappy finish be the Nascar race for the week.  So I jumped into the race with about 5 minutes to spare.  Qualified 6th and ran a good clean race.  Avoided some wrecks and managed to bring the car home in 11th.  Not the greatest finish, but it was clean and I got the hang of the Xfinity car.

The Blancpain series was the last one that I wanted to do this season.  It is currently at the Lemans racetrack.  I’ve never driven this track before in the iracing sim but have run it multiple times in the Grand Trourismo series.  So I at least know the layout!  Practice went ok and I might have gotten around 3 laps in, that track is big!  Then onto qualifying, I did not get a clean lap in so I started with my car number 18, this put me in the back which was fine by me cause these cars are hard to control.  I managed to pull off a 17th place finish after wrecking my car on the last lap; I was riding around in 16th before that happened.  I really need to test more in these cars…..

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