G37 Serpentine Belt Replacement

A friend of mine owns an Infiniti G37 and does not like the large sums of money that some people try to charge her for maintenance.  This car has 60K on it and they were told that the serpentine belt needed to be replaced.  They were going to charge her quite a bit of money to do it so I told them that I would do it for them.  This is what needs to happen to change out that belt.  Oh yeah, I changed out their air filters too.

First off, unless you have really small hands, you will probably want to remove the coolant reservoir.  This is held in place by 2 10mm bolts on either side of the reservoir.  Once those bolts are removed, you will want to remove the one hose connected to the front of the reservoir.  Then you can pull the reservoir up and move it to the top of the engine cover.  You could go through the process of disconnecting the other hose, but the reservoir will rest just fine on the engine cover.

G37 coolant reservoir bolts

Now you’re going to wish you had smaller hands anyway, I scratched up my hands pretty good trying to do this job and if your arms are anywhere near the size of mine you will too!  Believe me, it won’t take much unless you’re a string bean!  You will need to get a 3/8th inch ratchet down into the engine bay and into the far end of the tensioner.

G37 Tensioner

Then you will then need to turn it to the left to loosen the tension on the belt and remove it.  You will need to keep pressure on it so that you can thread the belt off of the inside pulley on the tensioner.  I used a giant bar on the end of my ratchet to accomplish this, I actually just left the bar on the whole time to be able to move the tensioner at will.

G37 tensioner ratchet leverage

Now comes the hard part, putting the belt back on.  Take your new belt and unravel it, you will need to put pressure on the tensioner to get the belt back behind it and route it over the tensioner pulley.  Once you have the belt over that pulley, you can route it the proper way as shown in the diagram below.  Just get it close and then put pressure on the tensioner one last time to get the belt on all the way and complete the belt replacement.


Just put the coolant reservoir back and you are done with replacing the belt!

Now for the air filters!

The air filters are super easy.  They are located behind the lights on both sides of the car.  To replace them, just unclip the clips.

G37 Air Box Clips

Pull the air filter holder straight up and the air filter will fall out.

G37 Air Filter

Just put the new filter in and put it back in the car.  Clip them on and you are done!

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