Fixing The Damage From Race 2

So the F-Series State Championship round 2 did not go so well for me and I ended up finishing the day with mechanical repairs being necessary and thinking that I blew the motor.  This was not the case since I was able to use my compression tester to make sure that the motor was still making compression.  My fear was that one of the Airbox filter screws went through the motor and destroyed it.  My trusty compression tester proved this to be incorrect.

This just left me with a bunch of things that needed fixing on the kart.  I ordered the necessary parts (most of them, you will hear about them in a later post) and proceeded to make the necessary repairs.

The first repair that I made was to re-attach the air filter adapter.  This required the purchase of the two allen screws that hold it on to the Tillotson Carburetor.  I ordered two new screws but after digging into the problem, I found the second screw that came loose (the one I thought went into the motor) and used them.  For a little insurance, I used some thread locker to make sure that they would not come loose again!

Thread locker and screw

Airbox adapter attached

Then I attached the airbox to the adapter and zip tied the bottom of it to the chassis.

The next thing that needed to get fixed was the nut that held on the clutch assembly.  This nut fell off the last time I was racing and took the c-clip and washers along with it.  This allowed the clutch to spin freely and would not allow my kart to keep going.

You need to remove the 3 allen screws that keep the chain guard on the drive sprocket attached.

Remove the three allen screws

All Washers, clips, and bolts were missing!

I ordered 2 new c-clips, a couple of washers, and the nut that holds it all together.  I needed to drill out one of the washers to get it to slide over the shaft and make the correct amount of space between the drive gear and the c-clip.

Drilled out washer

I put that washer on and then used my c-clip spreaders to open the c-clip enough to slide it into its groove.

I then put the second washer on and screwed on the nut that holds it all together.  I used some thread locker on that nut as well to prevent the same issue from happening again!

Once it was all together I decided to change out the rear gear to one that has more teeth.  I am thinking that I need to be quicker out of the turns and not necessarily faster.  I had been running a 79 tooth gear but had decided to run an 84 tooth one.

In addition to changing out the gear, I also purchased a chain guard that is supposed to keep the chain in place and keep it from popping out.  This is just a piece of plastic that attaches to the gear itself and makes a groove around the rear gear to keep the chain on.

84T Sprocket with Chain Guard installed

Once this was all complete, I was able to charge the battery and get the kart running and ready for the next race.  Good thing too because it was the next day.  I should really stop procrastinating!

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