First Time Pitting! – Sim Update!

Season 1 Week 3 for 2017!  The first race that I chose to do was the Advanced Mazda Cup at Watkins Glen.  This was the first race that required a pit stop.  It was 45 minutes long and needed at least 1 stop for fuel.  I was running decent laps in practice, but the track is always different when you go to qualify.  So I qualify with my slowest times in 8th position.  This is ok, I’m thinking that this race is like a mini-endurance race so I don’t get overly exited on the first lap and just let the crazy’s go at it.  Unfortunately one of the crazy’s spun out right in front of me damaging the front of my car and screwing up my aero.  This would normally not have been a big deal except for that long straight on the back that I can no longer hit 120 on, I am relegated to 115 at best so catching up to anyone is out of the question.  Since this happened on the first lap I was pretty much screwed.  So I just lapped the course for 45 minutes and ended up finishing 9th, last car on the lead lap……

Next Up was the Spec Racer Ford at Mid Ohio.  This is a course that I’ve never driver before and it showed. It took me a couple of practice laps to even be able to get around it without spinning.  I practiced for awhile and went into the qualifying.  This did not go too bad and I qualified 13th.  However, the race quickly went south as I spun in one of the turns going side by side with another driver and I was unable to hold my line.  I touched him and ended up spinning out into the infield.  This car is so touchy, and this track is very difficult.  I ended up finishing 15th, the last car on the lead lap.

Nothing like waiting till the last minute to get the K&N National race in.  It was the last race of the week, 4:45 EST!  Good thing I had off!  I went into practice to get the hang of the track and ran about 60 laps.  Towards the end I was slow due to tires and everyone was passing me but I knew that I was out there on old tires so I was not too nervous.  Then I get into the race room and qualify 3rd!  Even with a wreck on one of my qualifying laps!  That little bump in Iowa gets me sometimes if I’m trying to turn too much and carry too much speed off that corner.  So the race starts, I’m in 3rd, and I get a good jump on the start.  The leader and I pull away and start to gap the rest of the field.  I then realize that I’m faster than the leader and try to get around him.  I was being pretty patient and calm but I thought I had a good run on one of my exits and I went for it.  Unfortunately I dipped a little low on the track and my left tires go onto the flat and I spun the car into the wall.  This required a tow and repairs.  I did manage to get back out there and recoup a couple of positions to finish in 13th.  I was also running with the leaders and was actually faster than them but I did not want to mix it up with them too much since I was a lap or two down.  I just hung in the back of that pack and waited for the finish.

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