Fighting My Way To 11th?! – Sim Update

After not racing at all last week due to illness and other life issues, I was back at it this week.

To start it off I ran the Advanced Legends Cup at USA International Speedway.  I was only able to get a couple of practice laps in before the race but I was feeling pretty good and my lap times put me in 9th.  I was ok with that until I ended up in the 2nd split as the 1 car.  I qualified 6th and finished 6th.  This in itself is ok but the Strength of Field was so low that I don’t think it helped my irating.  I should really just stop worrying about my irating and just race to have fun.  I do have this dream of becoming a professional SIM Racer, but I think I should probably spend some more time practicing.  This race was completely uneventful, ran around in circles and got lapped.  But it was clean and I finished where I started…..



The Production Car Challenge at Pheonix International raceway road course was the next race on the agenda.  I ran about 10 minutes of practice and was thrown into the race.  This was completely my fault, I have control over this!  But anyway, I was comfortable at Pheonix so I went for it.  I qualified 11th out of a 20 car grid and ended up fighting my way to 8th.  I was in spitting distance of 6th and 7th but I went in too hot on that first turn and ended up spinning out.  This caused me to loose about 30 seconds and I fell back to 9th after crashing the guy behind me.  I just didn’t see him, and I even looked!  I was able to get around him once again and finished 8th.  This gained me some irating so I was pretty happy with the results.



The Spec Racer Ford race this week was at the Nurenburgring Grand Prix circuit.  I spent some time practicing for this race and thought i had it down, but I practiced in regular weather and the weather for the race was overcast so it was a little looser than when I was practicing.  This caused me to lose control on some of the slower turns that I thought I was getting pretty good at.  In practice I was 4th fastest, in qualifying I couldn’t run a clean lap so I ended up 12th on the grid.  Still pretty good since there were 17 cars on the grid.  Then I was making my way up through the field and I lost control and had to let the field go by.  Now I was back in 17th and had to make up all that time.  I was able to get back up to 11th but I think I could have had a better finish if I could have not spun out!

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