Dogbone Mount Insert – MKV Jetta

In the quest to find that rattle in the car I have decided to install a dog bone mount insert into the Jetta.  My thought process on this is that if those mounts are bad, the insert will help keep them from moving around so much.  This part is originally intended to be used as a performance enhancer to improve shift quality and crispness but I am using it as a stop gap so that I do not have to remove the subframe and cut out the existing mounts.

First off you need to safely jack up the car and make sure that there are jack stands under it so that it does not fall on you!  I inspected the mounts while it was up in the air and the one on the bottom did not appear to be damaged in any way, however, I was able to wiggle it around which I don’t think I should be able to do.



The next step to installing this insert is to remove the 21mm bolt that is holding the dog bone extension to the sub frame mounts.  This bolt is really tight and you will need to either use a breaker bar or some serious grunt.  I went with the grunt!


Next step is to slide the insert up into the subframe mounts.  I attempted to do this without grease and was able to slide it almost all the way in but not all the way.  So I took it back out and greased it up.



I just used a little bit of grease on the parts that were going to be up in the mounts.  This allowed me to slide the insert up into the mounts without even busting out a hammer.  On the ECS Tuning site, instructions for installation say you would need a hammer to get the insert all the way in, but it was unnecessary for me.  You may need to use one, just make sure you use a soft one and not a metal one.  You don’t want to damage anything.


The last step to the install is to put in the new bolt along with the large disc washer.  This bolt is a 7/8” bolt and I just tightened it as tight as I could get it since my torque wrench is broken.


Hopefully this resolves the rattle that is in the car.  It is starting to drive me insane.  I’ve checked all the things that would cause a safety issue and all seems tight and legit.  I’ve replaced the motor mount, trans mount, and subframe bolts in the quest to resolve this.  The dog bone mounts are the last things I can think of.


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