Couldn’t Get That Spec Racer Ford Race To Go Official

Like always, I’m waiting till the last minute to get my races in.  I would have like to have gotten the Spec Racer Ford race in first but it did not go official, so I went for the MX-5 race with little practice.

The MX-5 race this week was at the Okayama Full circuit.  I ended up in the 2nd split with a pretty high Strength of Field, 1308, which means a good result will have decent points and is good for irating.  So I qualified 7th, this puts me mid pack and in the beginning I always get shuffled back because I am not crazy in the first couple of turns.  I like to get through them clean and just run my race.  This may be detrimental to some of my finishes but I think these guys are a little crazy in the beginning and I am very careful in the rookie series.  There was the 4 car who was just taking out everyone.  He wrecked 2 guys that were in front of me and was just driving all over the place.  The guy was fast but very chaotic.  When he got next to me with 2 laps to go I was in reach of 4th place but I slowed to let him go because I did not want him to wreck me.  This proved to be a smart move because on the next lap he spun himself out and gave up the position.  Almost took me out with him but I was able to avoid him!  I Ended up finishing 5th and gaining both irating and SR.

For the Global MX-5 cup I am in 373 position with 460 championship points.  I will not be making my goal of the top 100, I still need more practice.


Next up was the Street Stock race at Charlotte motor speedway.  This is a track that I’m fairly good at so I was excited to get into the race.  I qualified 12 and was making my way up through the field when I was tapped from behind.  The car got sideways but I was able to save it but got a pit penalty for going 100mph through the pits.  It was a racing incident so I thought they would let it go but they didn’t.  I ended up serving the penalty and finishing this race in 14th position 6 laps down.  What a bummer…..

After week 11, I am doing pretty good in the Street Stock series.  I cracked the top 100 and am doing pretty good.  Since only 8 weeks count towards the Championship I may end up in the top 100 at the end which will allow me to accomplish my goal and move on to another oval series.


I was not able to get the Spec Racer Ford race in because every time that I tried, it did not go official so I did not run it.  Not that the practice wouldn’t have done me some good but I just did not have the time.  So this is it for this week.

For the Spec Racer Ford, I am in 6th place in Division 6 and 183 overall.  This is in the top 10% so I’m pretty happy with that.  This is way more realistic than anticipated and the learning curve is quite steep.



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