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2017 SEASON 4 WEEK 10 – Sim Update

This season I’ve been focusing on running 3 series, the Advanced Mazda Cup, the Blancpain Sprint,

OMG! What Did I Hit?

Well, if you follow my blog at all you know that one of my cars is

What’s Up With My Road Racing? – Sim Update

Another week where i did not manage to get all the races in.  I actually was

Sucking It Up In Sim Racing!

Started on Sunday this week, it’s the last possible day that I can get these races

Just Terrible In The Legends Car…….

Oh Man!  I am really not good in the Legends car.  I am way off the

Candidates for an LS swap

Is your car among the candidates for an LS swap? It probably is. The LS engine

Season 4 Week 4 – Another Videoless Production!

Oh man!  Another week where the videos that I took did not come out well.  They

Budget IRacing PC

As most of you know, I have switched gears somewhat and am now completely obsessed with

Road Trip! Watkins Glen NY!

This is where my love of cars and driving come from.  There’s nothing like a good

GMC Envoy EVAP Issue

This has been quite a journey for me.  I believe I’ve shared with all of you