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Porsche 944 Tie Rod Replacement

This is a repair that I was not expecting to do.  There has been a little

GMC Envoy Negative Battery Cable Replacement

My 2007 GMC Envoy is getting a little old.  I’m having some electrical issues that may

944 Odomter Gear Replacement

The odometer has never worked in my 1987 Porsche 944, this was not an issue since

2017 SEASON 4 WEEK 10 – Sim Update

This season I’ve been focusing on running 3 series, the Advanced Mazda Cup, the Blancpain Sprint,

OMG! What Did I Hit?

Well, if you follow my blog at all you know that one of my cars is

What’s Up With My Road Racing? – Sim Update

Another week where i did not manage to get all the races in.  I actually was

Sucking It Up In Sim Racing!

Started on Sunday this week, it’s the last possible day that I can get these races

Just Terrible In The Legends Car…….

Oh Man!  I am really not good in the Legends car.  I am way off the

Candidates for an LS swap

Is your car among the candidates for an LS swap? It probably is. The LS engine

Season 4 Week 4 – Another Videoless Production!

Oh man!  Another week where the videos that I took did not come out well.  They