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GMC Envoy Negative Battery Cable Replacement

My 2007 GMC Envoy is getting a little old.  I’m having some electrical issues that may

Infiniti G37 Front Brake Pad Replacement

Not only do my friends have a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota 4 Runner, they also

How To Replace Wheel Bearings – GMC Envoy

So, I bought cheap wheel bearings about 2 years ago and replaced them in the Envoy,

2005 Toyota 4 Runner Front Axle Replacement

Once again, my buddy’s 4 Runner is in need of some repairs.  This time it is

2005 Toyota 4 Runner Rear Brake Pad Replacement

I have a friend who owns this 2005 Toyota 4 Runner and it is in need

GMC Envoy – P2101 Error!

So, we went on a road trip to Maine from NJ to go camping in Acadia

2010 Jetta Rear Brakes – Wolfsburg Edition

Since I’ve done the front brakes on the Jetta again, I decided that I might as

VW Jetta Front Brakes – 2010 Wolfsburg Edition!

So, I have definitely done this before, and that post is here.  This is just another

Fixing The Damage From Race 2

So the F-Series State Championship round 2 did not go so well for me and I

2010 VW Jetta Shock Mount Replacement

I did it!  I finally figured out what the rattle sound was in the front end!