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As you know, I’ve started iracing and have been enjoying it immensely.  The racing is competitive

Last Week Of Season 3

Nothing like waiting till the last possible minute to finish my races for the week.  It’s

Couldn’t Get That Spec Racer Ford Race To Go Official

Like always, I’m waiting till the last minute to get my races in.  I would have

Flippin’ Out @ USA International – Sim Update!

Friday night in the Spec Racer Ford race, 10:45PM EST, that’s the time I was able

Running In 3 Series Is Hard! – Sim Update

Getting a really late start this week, it’s Sunday afternoon and I just ran my first

Rushing To Finish Races In Week 8 – Sim Update

Fresh back from vacation and I need to run 3 races before the week ends to

Sim Crashing @ The Ring – Sim Update

We have to get the races in this week.  We are Leaving for Tennessee on vacation

Missed It By A Nose! – Sim Update

Starting my racing pretty late this week, and going into next week will be the rush

I Swear I Didn’t See Him! ……. Sim Update!

Starting early this week!  It’s Monday night and I ran my first race!  Should’ve waited till

If At First You Don’t Succeed……..Sim Update

Once again, it’s Friday night and I’m starting my iracing week.   I have the weekend to