Budget IRacing PC

As most of you know, I have switched gears somewhat and am now completely obsessed with racing.  Ever since I’ve made this decision my life has seemed pretty easy, minus the ache in my back from my karting practice and first race.  I still have a passion for driving cool old cars and wanting to fix them up, but my focus is now on racing.

I found true racer online while browsing you tube karting and started watching his Real Karting Life episodes.  They are awesome and give you an idea of how hard it is to be competitive and the realities of trying to race a real vehicle.  You can also watch my first race to see how hard it was to be competitive.  I wasn’t!

However, I stumbled upon some of his other video’s on the site and they are mostly iracing videos.  I found myself watching them and being pretty entertained by the action and racing that the iracing simulation provides.  Of course, this made me start thinking about how I can model his you tube channel and meld it into my website.  You can see that I’ve already started with the Karting videos, and when I purchase a PC for iracing, you will probably see those video’s as well.

Now onto the specs for the PC I would build.  If you’ve read any of my posts, money is not something that I like to throw away.  Mistakes get made and sometimes I spend more than I want but for the most part I am pretty frugal.  I am a PC technician by trade and I know that a good video card can overcome a so-so PC pretty easily.

The video card that I would choose would be a Gigabyte Radeon R7 240.  It’s cheap, has 2GB of memory, and has an HDMI output.  This will allow it to connect to my TV which is how I plan on using it.  Can’t go wrong with a $64 video card that can do the job!

Next is the processor, iracing recommends any Intel I series or better or and AMD Bulldozer or better to run their simulation.  I would normally only recommend Intel products, but for this build I think I would go with an AMD FX-6300 processor due to its low price and 6 Core capability.  This would run you another $104.00.

Now you need a motherboard that can hold that processor and give you the memory that you’d like to install.  I would go with at least 8GB of memory if not 16GB.  This processor uses an AM3+ socket so the motherboard I would go with would be the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 since it is low cost, $55, and supports 32GB of memory!

Now for the memory!  Cheapest 16GB kit I can find! Avexir Core Series 16GB Kit for $56, that will do just fine!  This will get my rig off the ground and get me sim racing!

I also need a hard drive, a big fat giant hard drive since I plan on making a whole bunch of videos and recording my racing career, real and sim!  I found a Seagate 2TB Hard Drive hard drive for $70.  That should work!

A power supply would probably help.  I would go a little bigger on the power supply due to the fact that eventually you would probably want to upgrade your system.  I chose a Corsair CX600 600W power supply.  For $65, That should be more than enough to power what I’m running!

I also need a case, and probably some case fans to keep it cool.  There is a DIYPC case for a reasonable price that comes with a case fan.  It also has room for other fans as well to help keep the PC cool.

Now comes the hard part, the wheel and pedal assembly!  I’m so cheap that all the good ones are out of range.  I may upgrade in the future but for now I would get the Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback wheel and pedal set.  I know it’s not top end stuff but it is enough to get me started.  If I find I cannot compete because of it I will look into something else….. This unit costs $200, and puts my total build at roughly $600.00, that’s not too bad considering it is everything I would need to get started.  I wonder how fast I can come up with that…..

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