Brake Wear Sensor Replacement

Brake Wear Sensor LightThis little bugger is what prompted me to replace the front brake pads on my car before it was necessary.  I see this “Brake Wear” light in big bright red letters and I decided that the pads were worn down and needed replacement.  I had forgotten that the sensor came apart the first time I replaced the pads and I crazy glued it back together.  It had worked that way for almost 65,000 miles so I did not think that the sensor was the issue, I was wrong.

IDpartsorderI ordered a Brake Wear Sensor repair kit from  You only need to order one if you own a Wolfsburg Edition Jetta of a 2010 model year.  The sensor was only installed on the driver’s side of the vehicle.  The replacement part is just the female end (The side going to the car) of the sensor with two wires coming out of it.   It is an exact replacement for the sensor that comes from the factory and fits perfectly in the bracket that is designed to hold it.

Brake Wear Sensor In BagThe pins for the sensor will need to be pushed into the plastic piece.

Brake Pad Sensor Taken Out Of Bag

I just stripped the wires down to a shortened size, they gave you plenty to work with, and put a red electrical connector on it.  At this point, it was ready to be installed in the car.

Brake Pad Sensor Stripped Wires

Brake Pad Wear Sensor Ready for Installation

Old Brake Wear Sensor WiresOn the car, I carefully cut the old sensor out leaving as much of the wire as possible.  I was actually able to pull the wires right out of the sensor.  Then I stripped them down and connected them to the other side of the red connector.

Brake Wear Sensor Connected

After everything was connected, I slid the new sensor into its holder, made the wires as neat as possible, and put electrical tape over the connections to protect them. Finished Brake Pad Sensor Installation

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