Ben – What’s The Matter With You!

So, I am completely frustrated with the end of this race, so much so that I almost filed a protest on Ben S.  I won’t put his full name because that is not right, and he may have been retaliating against the wrong white car.  That is possible.  Either way, I qualified 9th in this race and at the end I was running around in 6th.  On the last lap, Ben loses control on the first turn and stops in the middle of the track.  I go around him on the outside and keep moving forward.  I then slow for the next turn and he hits be from behind.  I’m a little pissed because he’s a lapped car interfering with my race, but whatever.  I let him go up the inside and take the position or whatever it is, he was a lap down.  Then I see the 5th place car having a problem so I think to myself, I can get a top five out of this!  So idiot Ben locks up the brakes on the tight turn at Okayama and goes off track wide, I cut down the inside of him and go to go by him.  He then cuts back onto the track, hitting my left rear and sending me into the wall.  This completely destroys my car and I had to limp the car around the back half of the track to finish the race.  So a lapped car just took me out and prevented me from getting a top 5 finish.  Ben is a ……….

The Street Stocks were at Oxford Plains this week.  I got almost the entire 50 lap race in during practice and I was passing cars and getting the hang of the track.  It was quite fun.  As for the race, it actually went pretty well for me.  I believe that I qualified 7th as the 5 car, may have been 8th.  It didn’t matter I was able to race my way up to as high as 4th and ended up finishing 5th.  There was a while there where the 4 car got underneath me and I got stuck on the high side.  That allowed me to lose 5th and 6th as well and put me back into 7th.  I was able to get back in line and get underneath those two to get back up to 5th before the end of the race.  This was a good race after all was said and done.

Next up was the Blancpain Sprint Series.  This race was at Silverstone and i’ve run the shortened version in the Skip Barber car so I was a little familiar with it.  Anyway, I could not get a good qualifying lap in as both had off tracks, so I started at my car number, 17.  The race went pretty smooth and without incident for me all the way to the end.  I gave up my position in 15th and wanted it back so I was pushing pretty hard to try and catch him but couldn’t keep the pace and ended up spinning out.  I was far enough ahead of 17th that it did not really matter.  16th it is for the Blancpain this week.

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