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Engine Rebuilding

So your car is a little tired and just doesn’t perform like it used to….Not that

Livable Haulers

Our family likes to go camping, as you could have probably seen from the posts about

2020 NJ RV&Camping Show Review

Let me start off by saying, if you like camping and maybe a little bit of

Porsche 944 Gauge Cluster Electrical Cleaning

These stupid gauges on this 944!  Now the fuel level gauge is not working properly, so

Camping Preparation

I know that this blog is mostly about car repair and how to fix things with

Arnott GMC Air Suspension Review

I’ve purchased and installed the GMC Arnott Air Bags in my GMC Envoy a few months

Porsche 944 Hood / Hatch Strut Replacement

Don’t you hate it when those hood struts fail and they no longer hold up your

Honda D-Series Turbo Performance

I did a write up on D-Series NA performance.  If you read it, there is stuff

944 Fuel Level Sender

I’m still fighting issues with the gauges on the 944.  Even though I have posted it

GMC Envoy Headlight Relay

I’m leaving work on Memorial Day weekend thinking about making my way Indianapolis for the Indianapolis