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2007 GMC Envoy Air Bag Replacement

My wife’s GMC Envoy has been dragging its rear pretty much every morning for the last

Vortec Heads

When it comes to making power, the heads are where it’s at!  You can increase the

2010 Jetta Fuel Leak

My daily driver, and currently my only driver, is a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta.  It is the

Cheap Car Audio

The way that a lot of us get into modifying cars is to swap out the

Porsche 944 V8 Conversion

I’m always browsing Craigslist for my next project, even though at the moment I don’t have

How To Drive A Manual Transmission

I am a firm believer that everyone should know how to drive a manual transmission.  I

DSM Engine Specification

I posted a few days ago about my Eagle Talon.  As I was thinking about it

1991 Eagle Talon – Another Failed Project

This is the car that I forgot about, another failed project that I had attempted.  As

2007 GMC Envoy Sound System

We currently own a 2007 GMC Envoy which my wife uses as her daily driver.  It’s

Car Maintenance Schedule

I drive my cars a lot!  Because of this, I have come up with a maintenance