Assembling A Race Kart Bead Breaker

I’m still interested in karting, it’s just the back injury from earlier in the season mixed with no racing in the summer and there has not been a lot to post about.  However, the fall is coming and there is a race coming up that I hope to get to.

In order to get the most from this race experience, I plan on changing my tires on the kart, but first I need to assemble my bead breaker.  It is an RLV unit that should be adjustable between a 5” and 6” wheel size.

I have no experience in this and it came in the box disassembled.  By just looking at the pieces, I could not figure out how to get it together.  However, a quick Google search and bringing up some images, got me the  picture that I needed to assemble the bead breaker properly.

First I laid out all the pieces that were in the box.  This allowed me to see what I was getting into!

Bead Breaker Parts

There is an adjustable piece on the vertical bar that I adjusted to the middle whole on the bar.  I figured that would give me enough down force on the bead to actually break it when the time came.

Bead Breaker Adjustable Section

I put a bolt with washers through this adjustable piece and used the supplied wingnut on the other end.  This should make adjusting the height easier in the event I chose the wrong height position.

Bead Breaker Adjustable part mounted

Next I slid the bar into the base and put two bolts through the wholes meant to hold the vertical bar in place.


Once these parts were together it started to look more like the bead breakers that I had seen in the pictures.

Now, there were four more pieces left.  Three short metal bars, and the one long bar that gives all the leverage required to break those beads.  This is the part that I needed the pictures for.  To put this section together, I used a bolt to go through the bottom hole on the adjustable unit as well as two of the smaller metal pieces.  I then left them hanging….

Bead Breaker Hanging Small Metal Pieces

The next step was to take the remaining small metal piece and the long breaker bar and perform the same operation on the top hole of the adjustable piece.  This will now leave you with two open ended assemblies that are connected to the height adjustable unit.

Bead Breaker Breaker Bar

Now for the device that actually makes contact with the tire.  The two assemblies that you left hanging will now need to be bolted to this piece.  I started with the top and just slid the piece that touches the tire through the middle of the breaker bar and the small metal piece.  Put a bolt through it and repeated the same procedure on the bottom.

Actual Bead Breaker Assembly

Top Section

Bottom Section

Bottom Section

The end result was a fully assemble bead breaker!  Those pictures on the internet really helped me get this together and I figured I would put a more detailed instruction manual up for others to see since my unit did not come with any assembly instructions.  I guess they just figure that you know what you’re doing!

Fully Assembled Bead Breaker


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