Already Missed One – Sim Update!

Remember last week when i stated that i was going to try and run 5 series in Iracing this season.  Well, i already missed one and it was the IMSA series.  I just could not find the time to get it in.  I don’t know why i think i can do this this season but i will continue to try.  I am going to focus on the Skippy, because that has the possiblity (very remote possibility) of winning something, the street stock to get my B Oval license, and one of the Class B road series.  Probably the Blancpain since i haven’t missed that.  The other two will still be attempted but those will go first.

Running the Skippy first in week 2, this week the Skip Barber 2000 is at Mount Panorama Circuit.  I actually like this circuit with the crazy downhill section on the back end.  If I could just figure out the last turn I’d be ok.  I managed to get in about 20 minutes of practice in before running this race and it was needed.  New car, on a track I’ve only run in the SRF.  It was pretty similar in the Skip Barber and the lap times were probably similar as well.  Anyway, I qualified 4th and managed to finish there too.  There was a lot more excitement along the way though.  Before the start of lap 2, cars 2 and 3 spun out leaving me running around in 2nd place.  This lasted a while until I realized I could not catch the 1 car and I started looking backwards.  You know when you start looking that way, that is the way that you go.  I should now pay attention to the cars behind me and I should just run the race.  Eventually I lost focus on the last turn (The Falken Turn) and I clipped the inside wall.  This messed up my suspension a bit but I was still able to run.  I ended up racing for 3rd position but lost out and finished in 4th at the end.  Someone tried the dive-bomb maneuver at the end but ended up going off track and not making the pass.  I’ll take 4th in this car!

Next up was the K&N series at Irwindale speedway.  I’ve never run this course before so I got in as many laps of practice that I could.  About 20 minute’s worth.  Towards the end of practice I was feeling pretty comfortable and was able to run decent laps.  I ended up Qualifying 12th and starting the race in that position.  I was able to pass a few cars and move into the top 10 but then I used up a lot of my tires, let the leaders by and once they were by they kind of held me up.  I did not want to interfere with their racing but that caused me to drop back into 11th.  I managed to fend off the 12th place car to finish in 11th but that was the best I could do today.

The Street Stock series was at Bristol this week.  I was able to get about 20 minutes of practice in and when the field was finalized at 40+ drivers I was 18th fastest.  That put me about middle of the road.  This also landed me in the middle split where I qualified 6th as the 11 car.  I didn’t do too bad on this race and was as high as 2nd.  But I couldn’t hold onto my positions at the end and I fell back to 7th.  I was trying to hang on to a top 5 but I just couldn’t do it.  I really like this Street Stock racing at this level with the cautions and strategy coming into play.  I guess I could have pitted and gotten fresher tires but I would have given up a lot of track position.  In the end I think I made the right choices and I ended up gaining irating and getting 50 points for my efforts.

So, I have the 2 B class road racing series that are left and I decided to run the Blancpain series that was racing at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.  I had to take some time to learn the track and to get used to the car on the track but by the end of practice I felt pretty comfortable.  I qualified in 10th position and was running pretty well.  I could see the cars in front of me and I managed to work my way up to 8th place.  That’s when disaster struck.  As I was coming down into turn one I lost it and spun into the inside wall.  Then I tried to turn the car around and was unable to and I slammed it into the other wall.  This may have been due to the extreme damage or just poor judgment on my part but I was a little frustrated after having a pretty good outing in this car at this track.  I felt that I could hold my own all the way up to this point.  I was even able to manage to avoided a couple of wrecks.  Too bad I could not avoid my won.  I’m sure my irating will suffer because of this.  I need to be a little more patient.

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