All Good….Except Spec Racer Ford

This has been another difficult week in the attempts to get all 3 series that I plan on running in.  It is now Saturday night and I just finished the first race that I was able to run.  It was going to be the Spec Racer Ford race at Phillip Island but it failed to go official.  Since it was not official I decided to withdraw and run the Street Stock race at Charlotte.

Here’s how it went:

I jumped in and was able to get about 5 laps of practice in before qualifying was to happen.  Then I qualified 7th.  The start of the race went well and I was able to keep up with the leaders.  Slowly but surely, the pack started to lose control of their cars and I ended up in the lead!  I love Charlotte.  However, there were two other drivers that were in striking distance and I knew I could not get away with the drafting that was taking place.  One of them was questioning my ability but I may just have been because he did not know who I was, anyway, I raced clean and when the second place car had a run I let him go around the outside.  I was drafting him and was going to make my move for the lead on the last turn and was tagged in the back by the third place car who blatantly hit me and spun me around.  I was almost able to save it, I was not going to lift on the last lap, and ended up catching it a sliding up into him only to hit him and spin around in the grass on the infield.  This being the last lap, I still finished 3rd.  I’ll take it!

As for the standings in the Rookie Street Stock iracing series, I am 158 out of 3387 people who have raced in the series.  This is pretty good considering that I’ve only run the one race every week and have not tried to get a better turn out.  However, I don’t really believe that a better turn out would be possible, all top 5 finishes.  I think I like oval racing, at least I’m good at it!  For now……

Next up was the Mazda MX-5 cup since there were entries for this race.  I qualified 6th and ran a pretty good clean race, I actually had no incident points in this race and I finished 4th.  I was passed a couple of times but I just let them go and take themselves out for driving too fast.  The fastest lap time was in the high 59’s and I was running in the 1:02’s with my fastest being in the 1:01’s.  Not too bad, I would really like to be under a minute at Lime Rock but I will need some more practice.  I gained irating and SR on this one so I’m happy!

For the Mazda standings, I am 1214 out of 6479.  I’m in the upper half of the list, not too ecstatic about that positioning but there are a lot of good drivers that still run in this series.  Since my irating is low, I get in the bottom splits and don’t get great points for my finishes.  As I get better, I’ll move up and have more of a chance.

The Spec Racer Ford race at Phillip Island went official this afternoon!  I was able to get in it and there were 15 entrants.  I ran a pretty good clean race until about the half way point where I tried to pick up my time a little bit.  This resulted in me losing control a couple of times and getting off track.  Eventually I lost in on the long sweeper going up the hill and slammed into the tire barrier.  This brought down my straight speed and kept me from running really good laps at the end.  My fastest lap was lap 14 with a damaged car!  Maybe I can get another race in before this is over!

I tried to run another race in the Spec Racer Ford, but it was late in the day and there were not enough entrants to make it official.  I raced it anyway for practice and did pretty good.  But there is no video for it since it was unofficial.

I’m in 7th in my division for the Spec Racer Ford!  7 out of 61 but that puts me on the first page!  I can’t believe it.  This may have something to do with the low participation rate on this car and the ability for the races to go official; this allows me to get maximum points in the races that I’m in due to the strength of field.  The overall is not as exciting but still keeps me in the top half of entrants.  Not too bad for this car that is finicky and quick to spin, but that’s probably mostly the driver!

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