Acadia National Park Road Trip – 2017

This is the second road trip of the year, it was not as elaborate as the first but it was a great time none the less!  This time it was a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine.

This trip was with 3 families and we road tripped together all the way to the park.  The trip up was uneventful with just the normal gas stops and my family’s routine of stopping at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast along the way.   Besides the slight bit of driving through a torrential down pour, we made great time for caravanning through the northeast.

We like to camp in the remote section of Acadia which is the Schoodic Woods section.  This is about an hour ride from the main park on the outskirts of Winter Harbor.  It is quiet and the facilities are top notch.  The bathrooms are always clean and the sites are neat and trim!

For this trip we had 3 camp sites all right next to each other and we setup our main site on the middle one to keep the noise from our large group at least contained.  This worked out with a campsite buffer on both sides of us, and a street separating us from the rest of the camp.

We also had a professional chef on this trip with us; this was very good for eating!  We ended up spending a little more on food than expected but the food was fantastic.  The first night we had grilled chicken over the campfire with a delicious avocado and cheese salad.

The next night was possibly the best steak I’ve ever had, also cooked over the campfire along with some potatoes as a side and something else as well.  I can really only remember the steak….

Then for the finally was fresh main lobster and clams.  The sauce that the clams were served in was just a butter and garlic sauce but it was amazing and the clams were so fresh they still had sand in them!  We even washed them a couple of times but could not get all the sand out.  It did not matter; they were so good either way.  Then there was the super fresh lobster cooked over the fire.  That was it, fresh Maine lobster over the fire!  Yum!  There were also grilled vegetables and stuff but, who cares about that!

Acadia National Park is just beautiful!  There are rocky cliffs to climb and awesome ocean views when you get to the top of some of the trails.  There’s even a beach in the park if you want to go swim.  If you’re from the south, you may just want to put your feet in the water to get a feel, you probably won’t want to swim.

We did a few hikes while we were here.  We did the beehive, this is the hardest hike in the park and consisted of climbing the front of a cliff that is just about vertical.  We decided to skip the vertical part and just take the easy road around.  This way was still challenging but was safer for the kids.

We also did the bubbles.  These are two pretty easy hikes on the north side of Jordan’s pond.  At the south bubble you can see balancing rock which is teetering on the edge of a cliff.  This is a good spot to take fairly dramatic pictures of your family trying to push this rock over!

We went to the beach and stuck our feet in, this was quite an experience since the water was only 55 degrees.  In a few minutes, it seems that my feet were numb and I wanted out.  I went in a few more times for the experience but that was enough for me.

Thunder hole was cool.  This is a spot in the park where the tide comes in and gets trapped in a cave.  The water takes over the cave and the sound of the air coming out is very loud, just like thunder.  We hit this at the perfect time and got to hear the sound that it made.  Very cool!

Cadillac Mountain is an awesome lookout point to see the water of the Gulf of Maine.  We were able to see Winter Harbor and estimate where our campsite was on the other side of the peninsula.  There is a short hiking trail that encompasses the top of the mountain that we walked.  The views are spectacular and we spent quite a lot of time at the top of the hikes just enjoying the views.  The peace and serenity that this place gives us is just amazing.

We did all this at a leisurely pace over the course of two days.  Since our campsite was about an hour away from the park, we did not get back till almost dark on all days.  This time was then spent getting dinner ready.

We then had to finally pack up and head home.  This was pretty much a straight shot for us down Interstate 95.  We kept the caravan intact and started our way back home.  We stopped at a diner on the way back for breakfast, it was called the Purple Cow and if you see the sign, you should stop.  The breakfast was amazing and the portions were huge.  We snacked on our kids pancakes on the whole ride home.  They could not eat them all.  I had the homemade hash which was pretty good and everyone enjoyed their meals.

We then got back on the road and eventually ended up with our only issue of the trip.  The Envoy broke down!  The details of the repair can be found in this post but while were on the road it just lost all power.  One of our crew had a code reader and it seems that the throttle position sensor was failing.  This cause the truck to go into low power mode, initially I was going to try and limp it home but since the throttle body was connected to vacuum, I was losing power brakes as well.  We decided to park it and deal with it the next day.

We found a building in an office park that was for lease and parked it there.  Our friends moved all of the stuff in their extra seats into our car and we hopped in theirs.  We made it home safely and I went back to fix the car the next day.




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