8milelake 21pc Professional Disc Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit Review

When you like to fiddle around with your car on weekends, it’s crucial that you have the right tools. This is especially true when you work on something like the brake system. Mistakes here can have rather nasty consequences. So it’s a good thing that you have the 8milelake 21pc Professional Disc Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit to help you out. It’s even great for pros, since it helps you work on many types of brands and models of vehicles.

Features of the 8milelake 21pc Kit

This is designed to work for a wide variety of vehicles. But it’s especially ideal for 4WD cars and trucks.

  • The kit includes 17 different adapters, which allow you to work on just about every brand of car in the world. The main exceptions are probably the exotic cars. But then you may want to leave the maintenance of those cars entirely to professionals anyway.
  • It also includes right and left-handed thrust bolt assemblies.
  • The kit rotates the piston back into the caliper, so you can have new brake pads and shoes properly fitted.
  • The entire kit comes in a blow molded case.
  • It’s quite affordable.


This is a fantastic kit, and online reviews from customers have been ecstatic. Many of them approved of the following:

  • The set is quite complete, and the adapters offer an extremely wide range of vehicles you can work on. There are 17 adapters, and just one of them allows you to work on the brake systems of so many cars. These include the Austins, Audis, and Alfa Romeos. Then you have various models of BMWs, Jaguars, and Mercedes Benzes. Add the Ford Fiesta, Mitsubishi Colt, and the Honda Concerto. You can also use it for various Nissans, plus the Range Rover, Toyota Camry, the Golf GTI, and Volkswagen Passat. And throw in the Volvos too.

That’s just one adapter, mind you. There are 16 more. That means a lot more brands and models of cars you can work on. Basically, lots of people say that they haven’t yet encountered a car for which this kit won’t be useful.

  • The threads are easy to turn, and it really helps when you have both left and right handed assemblies.
  • It’s super easy to reset 4 calipers.
  • Even if it’s your first time to reset rotating pistons, it won’t be a problem at all.
  • You can also use the kit compress front caliper pistons. It’s much better than other methods such as c-clamps.
  • The kit case is outstanding. It’s easy to transport and when you open the case the pieces are in their proper places. So if someone’s borrowing the kit, the case makes for handy transport (and storage too).
  • This is the #1 bestseller for brake repair adjusting tools in lots of ecommerce sites, including Amazon. What this means is that many people find a lot of value here for the money they spend.


Here’s the main problem with the 8milelake tool kit: where the heck is the documentation? Usually these kits have (or should have) some sort of written manual so you know what each piece does. Unfortunately, there aren’t.

  • So if you want to really know how to use this, you will have to go online. Then you can watch a YouTube video that demonstrates this tool kit in action. This can be difficult when you want to find the function of a specific piece in the kit.
  • The manufacturer’s page and the Amazon’s page have a short description for each piece. They have a detailed list of which brand and model you can use a particular adapter for. Again, you don’t have the written list so you will have to print out the Amazon page for future reference.

This is extremely annoying, to say the least. But then it does make you wonder why even those who noted this deficiency gave it perfect marks in their reviews. Many say that the kit is just so good that even this imperfection doesn’t diminish the utter effectiveness of the 8mile tool kit.



This 8milelake isn’t the only kit out there that can help you with the brake systems of various cars. In fact, there are even several kits out there with 21 pieces too. The Zeny tool kit also has 21 pieces and 17 adapters with a magnetic left handed and right handed spindle. It’s cheaper than the 8milelake, but the magnets aren’t secure and the lit case isn’t as good either.

The kit case of the 21-piece Betool is cheaper, but also not as good. The spaces for the pieces in the case aren’t a good enough tight fit. Also, some say it doesn’t work for Mini Coopers.


Do you work on brake systems every now and then? If that’s the case, get this kit. It’s very likely that you’ll have the tools you need included here regardless of what your car may be. It may even be a Mini Cooper.

With the kit case, your neighbors can also borrow the kit easily, and they’ll know right away if they forget to put in a particular piece of the kit inside. It’s annoying when people return your stuff with missing pieces. But when they return the case to you, you can open it in front of them so they’ll know if they’re returning it with missing pieces. At least this way you won’t have arguments as to who lost an adapter.

But this is also great for professionals. Since it works for many cars, these pros won’t have to buy separate brake system tool kits for each brand of vehicle. A single kit will do, and they can even bring it around when they do jobs outside the shop.

So should you buy it? That depends. Do you work on brake systems? If so, then the answer is yes you have to buy the 8milelake 21pc Professional Disc Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit. It’s just that good.

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