2020 Philadelphia Auto Show Review

This year we decided to hit up the Philadelphia Auto Show at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  Since I was half looking for a truck, and my wife really doesn’t like the Enclave anymore (It’s just too big) we decided to hit this up.  Car shows are a really good way to take a look at all the manufacturer’s offerings and get a feel for what you like in a vehicle.  Plus our friends were going too!  Always a plus!

Getting there:  For us it’s about an hour and a half away from where we live and was an easy ride down the NJ Turnpike to exit 6, and then another half hour or so down I-95 in Pennsylvania.  Once we got into Philadelphia itself, there was a little bit of city driving (not always so pleasant, but not too bad this time) to get you close to the convention center.  At that point, instead of trying to get parking as close as possible to the center, we just turned the other way, parked, and walked to it. 

Once inside, it was the usual security measures at public events and then a very short line to buy tickets.  They then funneled you upstairs to the show.  There were some food vendors and other attractions out in the “lobby” area but we skipped right past that to get to the cars.

When you first walked in there was the Mazda display to the left and Toyota to the right.  Straight ahead was Subaru, which we really wanted to look at.  As you know, we are campers and we really like the Subaru Crosstrek so we went straight for it.  The interior did not disappoint and was big enough for our family, equipped with a roof rack for item transportation; this would really work for us, even when taking a camping trip.


We also looked at the Outback, which was a nice family car, and I took a look at the BRZ (nice little sports car that I actually fit in) and the WRX which is pretty awesome.  The only downside of the Subaru’s is that they seem a little “tinny”, when you close the WRX and Crosstrek doors they are very light and don’t “thud” like you would expect in a new car.  Definitely not a deal breaker though.

I then moseyed over to the Mazda display and took a seat in the new (not so new anymore) Miata.  I was completely surprised that I actually fit in it, even with the top up.  I’m not a huge person, but some of the older models did not fit me very well.  Needless to say, this made me quite excited!

At this point I was just shopping cars, checking out the VW’s and the Honda’s.  I got to sit in the VW GTI as well as the GLI.  Those are pretty nice but they are almost exactly the same as my 2010 Jetta on the inside, nothing has really changed.


They had a civic type R that I actually got close enough to sit in.  That seems like a pretty nice ride, daily driver / track killer.  I could live with that.  It even has 4 doors so I can get the kids in!  Win!

Civic Type R

They had most of the manufacturers there, but there were some that we did not see.  They may have been in another part of the building but most of the ones that we could afford were where we were.  They also had a pretty nice display from a local car club with pics below, as well as some really nice classics. 

If you want a nice auto show and don’t really want to deal with the NYC scene, I would really recommend this one.  It’s not overly crowded and the people are not destroying the cars like they do in NY.  The shopping experience was quite pleasant at this one.

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