2017 Season 1 Results + Week 13 Action!

Season 1 for 2017 is already over.  I ran the Spec Racer Ford, the Advanced Mazda Cup, and for my oval series, the K&N National Series.  I was in Division 5 for both the road series and in Division 6 for the National series due to my horrible outing in the Legends car.  That car just doesn’t suit me or my driving style so I decided to not run it again and to just move up.

The results for the Spec Racer Ford were pretty good.  I finished 15th in the Championship for the division 5 crew and 163rd overall.

For the Advanced Mazda Cup, I finished 24th in Division 5 and 210 Overall.  Not too bad for this, there was a high participation rate for this series.

In the National series, I was in division 6 and finished 38th in that division.  I was not happy with this because I was not on the first page but I’ll take it since I moved up in division for season 2.  Overall I finished in 675th position.  This is another high participation series so I am not too upset with this result but I would like to at least be on the first page in my division.

I’ve decided to run some races on Week 13 just to get some seat time in.  The first race that I’ve decided to run was the MX-5 cup at Okayama International Raceway.  I was the 8 car and qualified where I should.  I ended up getting caught up in a first lap fiasco but managed to get through it pretty much unscathed and worked my way up to 5th.  I had a battle the entire race with the car in front of me but I just couldn’t stay in front of him.  Oh well, I’ll take a 5th place finish anyway.  Not too bad with no practice and just jumping right in.

It’s week 13 and this time I decided to run the street stocks at oxford plains.  Practice went well and I was placed as the 9 car in the 4th split out of 5.  They just grid you for this race and I started in 9th.  It went pretty well for me.  I had one bad incident with a lapped car that spun out in front of me but other than that the race was a complete success.  I ended up finishing 2nd in this race and was right behind the leader but lost ground to him due to that one incident.  I gained a lot of irating on this one so I’m pretty happy.

I ran the tube frame twister at Monza, the Grand Prix circuit.  It was fun but I was the only car in my class so I wasn’t sure if I was fast or not.  I’m going to assume that I was not because I finished last, but I did have the lowest class car out there.  I did not see what the results were yet so I’m not really sure.  I really like driving the Nascar cars on the road courses.  It’s a lot of fun.

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