2017 S2W12 – Sim Update

Another week, another chance to not run what I wanted to!  I’ve been having a really hard time making my racing commitments lately on Iracing.  I think that I’m trying to run too many series all at once.  I’m trying not to get too crazy about it but I would like to compete and become a better racer.  I can see that it is helping and I’m learning the tracks and getting more competitive in the slower cars.  However, in the Audi, I am still struggling to find my speed.  This may be due to running with more experienced racers or the fact that I’m still trying to learn the car.  It seems a little twitchy and if you make sudden moves control is easily lost.  This week I managed to run two road races, one in the Audi and one in the Skip Barber Formula 2000.  I did much better in the Skip….

I decided to start the week by running the Blancpain Series at the Zandvoort track.  I’ve never been to this track so I hoped into practice with the full 30 minutes remaining.  I managed to figure out the track and was able to run laps without crashing.  Then came qualifying,  I qualified dead last but my pace was not too far off, since it’s the first time at this track, I was not too upset about it.  Plus I am not really that good in this car yet.  The race started and I was just trying to stay out of trouble.  I fell to last place (two cars did not qualify) and was just keeping up.  Then one of those cars lost control and I ended up passing them.  I was staying with the other BMW all the way till after the pit stops and then I made a mistake and mashed the throttle too early.  This caused me to spin and my race was pretty much over.  I called for a tow because I did not want to be in the way and I could not get the car out of the way fast enough.  I finished the race in 19th.

Next up was the Skip Barber car at Sebring.  I was actually looking forward to running this race because I had some success at Sebring in the Audi and thought that it would translate to the Skippy since it is easier to drive.  I did not have too hard a time getting clean laps in but I was not fast.  I qualified all the way in the back because I crashed on the first qualifying lap and could not get a clean lap in before qualifying was over.  The race went well and I was pretty much running around in 8th until I cut the course at the end, had to slow down, and lost two positions.  This put me back in 10th.  I attempted to regain that last position at the end but did not want to take anyone out so 10th it was.

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