2017 F-Series Kart Prep – Race 1

The test went well!  My back was not sore at all after running all those laps in the open practice at NJMP.  I ran them on the Liberator course and you can check that out here.

Now that I know that my back will no longer be an issue, it was time to start getting the kart ready for the first race of the season!  First thing to do was to sign up for the F-Series State Championship.  I did that on their website where I found the technical rules for the class I want to run.

I needed to run the LeCont White tires; I purchased them and installed them.

To install:

Remove the rim from the hub.  I needed to use a 10mm socket on an extension to accomplish this.  I then let all the air out of the tire using the valve stem, and let the rest out by removing one of the bead locks.

I had to use an allen key to remove the bead locks.

I used the bead breaker that I purchased last year and broke the beads on the tires.

After that I used a couple of long standard screw drivers to pry the tire off of the rim.  This took a little bit of work because of the lip on the rim but I was able to get them off.  Once off I slid the new tire onto the rim, this was really difficult because I did not want to ruin the new tires but I eventually gave up and used the screwdrivers.  This made getting the tire on much easier.  Once I got the tire over the lip, I moved it to the bead breaker and used that to help me get it on the rim.

Once the tire was on the rim properly, I used my air compressor to air up the tire until the beads were in place.  You will know that they are in place when you hear two pops.  That is the sound of the tires beads hitting the rim.  After that happens, tighten down the bead locks and put the tire back on the kart.

The next thing on my list was the carburetor.  The rules state that the PRD Fireball engine should run the HL360 Carburetor.  Unfortunately, the airbox cup that I had on the HL195 is not the same as the one for the HL360, Oh well; I guess that I’ll have to run the smaller carburetor for this first event.

I also needed to fix the exhaust.  The bolt that I had on the back of the exhaust, near the brake, had fallen out.  I moved the exhaust pipe out a bit to keep it away from the water hoses and to try and keep the motor cooler.  It was cold that day and the kart was running a little hot.  I also re-routed some of the zip ties that I had holding the coolant lines in place.  I made sure that there were no kinks or obstructions in the way.

Bolt That Fell Out

Replaced Bolt

So now it’s the day before the race and I have the new battery.  I made sure it was fully charged and put it in the kart.  Nothing!  No Crank, no nothing.  Uh oh?!  What is the issue?  I thought it was just the battery, it went dead the day of testing, I didn’t even have the mychron on, it lost power during my last stint……I traced the power wires to the starter.  All seemed well.  Then I found the issue.  The main power clip to the starter was not making contact somewhere in the starter itself.  I could move the clip all the way towards the right wheel and sometimes get it to crank.

I ended up taking the starter apart and finding out that the brushes in the starter were bad.  I attempted to solder a wire to it to get me through the 1st race but nothing I did worked.  I even busted out the welder, but if you’ve seen any of my other posts, I am not a welder…..Unfortunately this derailed me getting to the first race.  I’m sure someone would have had parts down there but it’s pretty far to just go on a whim.  I may be regretting not taking the chance, but there will be a race 2, and I’ve ordered the parts already.  At least I’ve learned something, don’t wait till the last minute to prepare for the race!

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