2017 Buick Enclave Oil Change

We bought a new car, well at least new to us, and it is a 2017 Buick Enclave.  I know, Buick, Enclave…..Oh well.  This is the car my wife wanted so that is what she got!  Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Even though this would not have been my pick for a new vehicle, I still have to maintain it.  First on the list is the oil change.  Below is what you will need to perform the oil change as well as pictures and a description on how to do it.

First and foremost, you will need oil!  This vehicle, as well as the Traverse and Acadia of the same vintage, take 6 quarts of 5w-30 motor oil.  I like to use Synthetic oil but I don’t think it is required.

You will need an oil filter.  I like Purolator Oil Filters and the number for that is 22500.

An oil filter wrench so that you can take off the old filter.

An Oil Catch can would be helpful in catching the oil that will be drained from the vehicle.

And a Jack would be nice to raise it up.  I can do this without lifting up the car, so I do because it allows more oil to drip out.

Now that you have everything together to perform the oil change, the first step is to remove the oil cap from the top of the engine.

It is not necessary, but you can take the plastic cover off the engine if you want to avoid spillage on it.  It will pop right off with some upward thrust.

The next thing that you will want to do is to remove the oil drain plug.  The bolt is a 15mm and can be a little tricky to remove on this car because the plug is located above a cut out in the sub frame.  You can get a wrench up in there pretty easily but you need to finagle it a little bit.

The oil drain plug is located on the passenger side of the engine.

Drain Plug Location

Next up is the oil filter removal; you access the oil filter from the top of the engine compartment.  It is easily seen when you look down towards the front.  Put an oil filter wrench on it and remove.  I like to try and keep the hole in the filter upright so that oil doesn’t spill all over the place!

Oil Filter Wrench, Remember lefty loosey righty tighty!

Now put the new oil filter on.  I always dip my finger in oil and make sure that the seal on the oil filter is oiled, no dry spots!  Line it up with the oil filter mount point, and screw it on.

The waiting is the hardest part!  Wait for the oil to finish dripping out of the oil pan.  I usually like to wait until I can count a full second between drips.  Waiting for no drips would be best, but who has time for that.

Replace the oil drain plug and put 6 Quarts of 5W-30 in the engine.  Once you have completed the addition of the oil, check the dipstick and make sure that it is between the lines.

Dipstick Location

Once you are sure there is enough oil in the motor, you can replace the oil cap and clean up!

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