2016 Season 4 Opening Week! – Sim Update!

OK, I’m trying to get started early this week and keep the momentum going.  If you follow this blog you will know that I’m selling the go kart and now the only racing that I will be doing for awhile will be of the virtual kind.  It does kind of scratch the itch and is much more affordable for me at the moment.  However, I will be attempting to get a solo car once I can get rid of the kart.

Anyway, I’ve decided to run 2 new series this season and the Spec Racer Ford.  I’m going to run the Advanced Legends Cup and the Production Car challenge.  They are the next level rookie series and require that you have an R3.0 license to participate.  It keeps the extreme newbies out so the races should be cleaner.

Unfortunately the video’s for the Production Car Challenge and the Spec Racer Ford race were just black with audio.  It may be time for me to upgrade my PC…..

Also, i have my first sponsor for my sim racing career.  Thank you TopFloorJacks.com for your support.


The first race that I’ve tried was the Advanced Legends Cup.  This is a new car to me and it will be running on tracks that I’m not familiar with.  The first race was at the Charlotte Legends Oval.  I’m not a fan of this track but it’s on the schedule so I ran it.  I qualified 9th and managed to squeak out a 7th place finish.  I gained some irating as well because of the Strength of Field that was running the race.  It was much higher than in the Street Stock series.  I need more practice in this car and a little bit of setup knowledge to be competitive.

Ok, now I tried the Production Car Challenge.  This first race just went official and I lost irating by finishing mid pack in 3rd.  It was a podium but there was only one other Mazda that was behind me so it was a pretty bad outing.  Hopefully this series picks up and I can make some progress.  This was at the Okayama circuit in the short configuration.  I was running pretty good laps in the 1:03 – 1:04 range but it was not good enough to win the race.  One of these days I’ll win a road race.  I seem to do better at the ovals, but it’s probably because they are easier to learn.

Spec Racer Ford at Okayama, the full circuit, was the next race on the agenda.  I thought that I was running pretty good laps around this track but I guess that I wasn’t.  I started 8th and stayed there the entire race.  I believe that I was up in 7th for awhile and had a battle with Richard, he eventually passed me, I was able to get the position back but was pushing too hard and ended up spinning out in front of him.  You will hear me apologize for that in the video.  I was not able to catch up to him and pass him after that.  I lost irating and SR in this race so my road career is not going so well….

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