2016 Season 3 Week 13 Street Stock Series

Well, well, it’s week 13 again.  I decided to run the Street Stock Series again and try and have a go at the week 13 championship.  This did not start out so great for me.

The first race was at Thompson Speedway.  There is no qualifying for Week 13 races so you start with your skill level.  At the rate that I’m going I will be starting in the back shortly.  However, I started 3rd for this race and was doing ok until I got spun out by the 5 car on one of the turns.  After that, I was in the back of the pack just trying to make up as much time as possible.  Ended up finishing 11th, My irating went down, but my SR went up so I guess I cannot be too upset.  I would really like my irating to be going up as well but I have not been racing too well lately.  Tomorrow is another day and another track.

I wasn’t able to run the race at South Boston Speedway due to the iracing website being down.  So Tuesday’s race is out….

On to Wednesday’s race.  This one is a Lanier Speedway which is a really short track.  There was a lot of trash talking going on and people complaining that people can’t drive and blah blah blah.  My strategy on this one since I wasn’t too fast was to just avoid the wrecks and finish the race.  This was successful for the most part since I finished in 8th position only 1 lap down.  I ended up hitting one guy who spun but it was unavoidable.  I gained 56 points in the Week 13 Championship and am all the way at the back of the pack when it comes to points.  It may have something to do with missing the South Boston race.

Thursday’s race was at Charlotte on the Legends oval.  I didn’t realize that the legends oval was such a short track.  It was crazy and there were lots of accidents in the beginning.  I started dead last in 19th, managed to keep my nose clean, and finish 12th.  I was in 10th at one point but I decided to just try and make it through the race unscathed.  I let the leaders by when they needed to and just tried to stay out of the way.  It was a tough track to keep a consistent line around because you needed to slow down so much in the corners.  I ended up in the top split on this race and the SOF was above 2000 so even with finishing 12th, my irating went up!  Sweet!

Friday, Friday, Friday!  Feels like a day off of racing since I only needed to run one race tonight to meet my week 13 goal.  This race was at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the full oval.  I like this track when I can avoid the wrecks.  It’s pretty much just foot to the floor all out go.  I managed to stay out of trouble for the whole race and ended up with incidents right at the end after the checker flag.  No big deal, the race was over and I finished where I started, 4th!  I ran the fastest lap of the race as well, but I just couldn’t get around those cars to take the lead, I was more concerned with staying out of trouble.  It was a good finish, and my irating went back up to the 1500’s which I’m happy about.  Unfortunately the video was blank and will not be posted, this is also true for the next video.

Oxford speedway, the track where you’re always turning!  This was up next.  I started as the 1 car so I was all the way in the front.  I messed around with some setup options while in practice and got my pace to be pretty good.  My tires started to go away after about 15 laps and I dropped back from the pack a little.  However, I rode around the track in 6th most of the race and I managed to pull off a 5th place finish due to someone getting wrecked on the last lap.  That’s stock car racing, going all out on the last lap is acceptable.  I got bumped as well for position from the guy behind me but I was waiting for it and was able to save the car and cross the line in 5th!  Good race!

As for the standings, i finished 45th in division 4 and 335th in the overall standings.  Not too bad but not great either.  I will try this again next week 13!



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