2016 Englishtown NJ Kart Race 6

Kart Race 6, my first “night” race.  They had the track open all day for practice but I did not show up for that.  I focused my efforts on getting my kart ready to run.  I had a carburetor issue in Race 5 and spent the morning fixing that issue.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute!

I got to the track around 3:30, race day was set to start at 4:00, and went through the process of getting the kart safety checked and myself checked in.  Then I went back to the truck to make sure all was well with the kart, tire pressures where I like them, the chain was lubed, and it started on its own!

I then went out for practice.

Boy was it hot!  I did about 5 laps and was completely covered in sweat!  I had to stop to take a break, plus my temp guage was blinking at me.  I decided to take the tape off the radiator…..  Practice did not go so well for me, my lap times were high and I had to stop.  To top it all off, my back started to bother me again.

Second practice went a little better but I was still slow with lap times in the 45 second range.  I was taking the advice of one of the other racers who told me I needed to drive in deeper to the corner exiting onto the main straight.  I was trying to do that but the kart would not stick at any kind of speed and I would push out to the outside of the track.  I need to change my tires!

I guess because it was a night race, and the track was open all day for practice, they decided to only run 2 practice sessions.  So there was a drivers meeting and then racing started.

Heat 1 was a crazy start.  We had the TAG karts starting behind us which was completely out of control.  They were faster and were running us over in the first turn.  Then the start was botched where we didn’t really know if the race was on or not. It wasn’t. so we needed to do it again.  On the next start, we were able to get it right, but in an attempt to stay in front of the crazy TAG karts, I was pushing really hard out of the first turn and ran into the racer in front of me smashing in the front of my kart and his rear bumper.  At that point, I was passed by everyone and was just turning laps.

Heat 2 was much saner, we decided to let the TAG karts start in front to get them out of the way.  Unfortunately, that meant I was not pushing as hard and right away the pack left me in the dust.  It seems that once my tires warmed up a little I was able to run good consistent laps in the high 44 second range, I really need to change those tires.

The main, completely uneventful for me, I started in the back and stayed there.  It takes about 2 laps for my tires to function good enough to run decent laps.  That first lap, they don’t stick and I cannot keep up.  After that, I don’t fall so far behind.  I need to focus on the starts and change my tires.  There was a moment when two other karters got mixed together that I thought I may be able to sneak in a 3rd place finish but it didn’t happen.



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