2014 Jeep Wrangler Oil Filter Housing Replacement

The Oil Pressure sensor in my friends Jeep has become faulty.  It’s been that way for awhile now but since we have some time (COVID-19) we decided to tackle the job.  You can purchase the replacement oil pressure sensor, but after doing this job, I recommend replacing the entire Oil filter housing, since it is prone to cracking and comes with 2 new sensors.  Plus, the old sensor has a tendency to spin in the plastic housing upon removal, requiring a replacement of the housing anyway.  Just get the housing.

Follow the instructions in this post to remove the upper intake housing.

Remove the foam piece that separates the upper intake manifold from the valve cover.

Remove the fuel inlet from the fuel rail.  Try not to break the clips that hold it in place.  The blue piece has two clips that grab onto the white piece on the bottom that you cannot see.  I lifted the sides and pulled it up, then was able to get the white piece to release and pull the fuel line away.  There will be fuel in the line so be prepared for that.

Take the electrical connectors off of the fuel injectors.  These are a little tricky to get off, you need to pull up on the red clip (it pulls straight out) and then there is a normal push clip that you push down on to disconnect the connector.  There are 6 of these injectors that you will need to remove.

Once you have the fuel injector clips removed, you will be ready to remove the lower intake manifold.

I believe that there are eight screws that will need to be removed from the lower intake manifold.  Once they are removed, you will be able to pull the lower intake manifold straight up and off the motor.  You may need to finagle around the brackets that you loosened previously, but the fuel rail, injectors, and manifold should all come off as one piece. I have pics of 6 bolts below, there are probably 2 in the back that I could not get good pictures of. If you get this far, you should be able to find them….

Unplug the coolant temperature sensor.

Unplug the oil pressure sensor.

If you are going to attempt to remove the oil pressure sensor, you will need to have a large (I believe it is a 1.25”) open ended wrench.  I recommend just replacing the entire oil filter housing due to the fact that the sensor is likely to strip while trying to remove it and the housing is prone to leaking.  I removed the coolant line as well when trying to remove the sensor to give me some space; it’s the next step anyway.

If you are going for the entire housing, remove the coolant line.  I used a pair of channel locks to squeeze the clamp and slide it off.  There will be some antifreeze spillage but nothing to worry about, just be careful not to get any in the other holes.  You don’t want to get water in the motor.

Remove the 5 screws that mount the oil filter housing to the motor.  I believe that they are 8mm.  They are pretty small, but easy to get to.

You can barely see it, but it’s down there!

At this point the oil filter housing should pull right off.  Be careful with the coolant lines, you do not want to get any coolant in the oil passages if you can help it.  Pull it off and replace it with the new one.  Check to make sure the housing has a fresh oil filter in it and re-assemble.  If it were my car, I would start it up after re-assembly and let it run for a few (this will let you know if there are any leaks or anything that would be out of the ordinary) and then do an oil change to get any contaminants that may have gotten in the oil out.  Probably not necessary, but better safe than sorry.

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