The Porsche was originally purchased as a track car. I wanted to focus on becoming a better driver and did not want to spend the $5k on upgrading the engine on the kart. So i decided to purchase a pretty beat up 944 and turn it into a car I could drive to the track, run it, and drive home. It was not meant to be pretty, just functional.

These are pictures of the Porsche when i first purchased it.

87 Porsche 944 Beginning

There were a lot of things that needed to be done to the car. The first thing that i was really focused on was the fuel gauge that did not work. I figured i should know if there was gas in it or not!

I also thought that getting the windshield wipers working would be beneficial in case it started raining on the way to the track.

Next up was getting the brakes to work. I had a lot of issues with this since the front right caliper was completely shot but i did not figure this out until after i already started bleeding the brakes. I ended up purchasing two used front calipers to get this up to speed. I also used some yellow stuff pads up front for track use. It seems I was really focused on those brakes since there are no posts about it!

I also did the timing belt and balance shaft belt before taking it to the track as well as new plugs, wires, and cap and rotor. I wanted to make sure that it was in the best mechanical condition as possible and that there would be no catastrophic failures.

Now it was time to take it to the track. The first outing went well with no real issues. But the second time out I noticed some excessive body roll and some handling issues. This was re mediated by installing new Koni Yellow shocks all around.

More track time revealed some more issues, caused by improved driving and old worn out parts. I had a fuel starvation issue that needed a new in tank fuel filter to resolve.

I have since changed jobs and I am now lacking in resources and time to get to the track. I have decided to get the car looking better and more functional so i can sell it.

I have fixed the odometer, i’m pretty sure this was close but it’s probably 2000 or so mile off. I wasn’t worried about it when tracking. The transmission mount was replaced, as well as the tie rods and ball joints while trying to alleviate a shake under braking. The transmission mount pretty much fixed that as well as getting the tires more properly aligned. I also tried my hand at some body work and painting. Not too bad for having no clue what i was doing!

1987 Porsche 944 Complete