1987 Porsche 944 Dash Removal

I love this car!  I just spent the day driving it and it is awesome!  It’s slow but it is sure fun to drive!

Before getting this car to the point of being able to drive it whenever I wanted there were some repairs that needed to get done.  The fuel gauge needed to be fixed and the lights in the dash weren’t the brightest.  In order to fix those things, the dash needed to come out!  This is how you do it!

First you need to pop off the horn button.  It is just held in with some plastic clips so all you need to do is to yank on it and it will pop off.  Be careful of the horn wire which is attached.  Once the horn is off, disconnect the horn wire and put the horn button to the side.

You will now be able to see the 22mm bolt that holds the steering wheel on.  I was able to get a socket over that bolt and loosen it to remove the steering wheel.  You will probably want to make sure that the wheels are pointing straight on the ground before taking it off!

Once the wheel is off, there will be 3 screws holding the trim piece to the steering column on.  Remove those screws and remove the trim piece.  These cars are old at this point so be careful!  Replacement parts are expensive and can be hard to come by!

Then you will want to remove the 3 screws on the top of the instrument cluster.  They are easy to spot and come right out.

There are also 2 more screws on the bottom of the instrument panel that will also need to be removed.  One on each side of the steering column, at this point I was sure the plastic dash piece would come right out but I was wrong!

There are 3 more screws that are behind the vents on the right side of the big plastic piece that will need to be removed.  Be careful as these screws are inside the dash.  You don’t want to drop them and not be able to re-assemble.

Once these screws have been removed, the plastic dash piece will come right out.  No problems at all.

To removed the instrument cluster, there are 4 bolts or screws (I forgot to take pictures and I’m not taking it back apart to get them!) that are holding it in place that will need to be removed.  It is very obvious on what you need to do to remove them.

When the instrument cluster bolts / screws have been removed, you can tilt the instrument cluster forward a little and take out the ribbon cables that are connected to the back side of it.  Be careful, these cars are old and some of them may be a little brittle.  Mine were fine, but you wouldn’t want to damage any of the electrical connectors while trying to make a repair!


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