06 Audi A4 Clean Up

As stated last week in this post, I have a new project car.  This Audi is not perfect, but it is a nice little project that can be modified to my liking and still use every day with the family.

This car was filthy when I got it, there was dirt in the seats, on the carpet, and it looked like the car hadn’t been washed in over a year. 

The first order of business with this project is to just clean it up.  Get all that dirt and grime off of it and get it looking as good as possible.

When I do this, I use a regular home depot bucket with a good car wash soap.  With a nice sponge, I use a garden hose and wet the car down, then use the sponge to wipe down the car and get the dirt off.  Just doing this did wonders for the looks of this vehicle.

This is a couple of weeks after….

On this particular occasion, I also used McGuire’s wheel and tire cleaner to remove the grime that was on the rims.  They were so dirty that they were black with probably years of use caked up in them.  The McGuire’s product really made short work of all that grime and really made the wheels pop.

The inside of the car was also pretty dirty.  Lots of dirt / mud streaks on the seats.  Left over food and grime was left in the cup holders and on the dash board, and just an abundance of filth on the floors.  I’m not sure why this car was never cleaned, but it sure did need it.

I started with the windows and used invisible glass to clean them all.  They were disgusting and required multiple attempts at actually cleaning them to get them the way I like them…..clear.

I then moved onto the seats.  I like to use the Armorall Leather cleaner and a terry cloth towel to wipe down all the seats.  I wish I took some before pictures, because after performing this operation the car looked completely different.  All the mud streaks were gone and the leather seats actually looked pretty good.

Then I used the original Armorall to wipe down all of the interior plastic and wood pieces.  This also produced results in the form of an impeccably clean vehicle.  All the dirt and grime was now on the floor where it was easily vacuumed up using my mini shop vac.

After Washing the outside and cleaning up the interior, i used Turtle wax spray wax on the car to make it shine. I would normally use a paste wax but i find that on the black cars, the spray wax works pretty well and there is not white residue left.

Well, there it is.  The first step of the project A4, just getting it to look half way decent actually produced a car that I almost put right back on Craigslist because it looked so good.  Knowing that it also ran good tempted me to immediately sell it.  But that was not the plan and I like the Audi, so keeping it is what we are currently doing.  Keep and eye out for some maintenance items that will be being posted in the near future.

Now, if only the DMV would get to opening with some kind of reasonable wait time I could get it on the road. 

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