06 A4 Dead Battery – Beeping From Rear

I have this Audi A4 sitting in my driveway now for about 2 months.  I purchased it in late May thinking that I would be able to get to the DMV and register it within a few weeks.  It is now almost August and the DMV is open, but you need to get there so early in the morning to actually get a spot online that it is not worth it to me.  So the car continues to sit. For people who read this in the future, this is due to COVID-19.

I try and start it once a week and run it around the block so that it does not rot away into oblivion but we had a busy couple of weeks and I was unable to start it for about 3.

I came home from work the other day and my neighbor states that the car was beeping from the rear corner.  I figured we were cooking (or trying to cook) and set off the fire alarms in the house.  He was insistent that the car was beeping and he even went up to the back of it.  I dismissed it at first, but then went out to try and start the car…..Nothing, no power, and dead battery.

So I hook up my Battery tender device and let it sit overnight.  I come home the next day and discover that the battery tender did nothing.  There was a warning light on the device telling me it was doing nothing, but I initially just thought it was indicating that the battery was dead and after some time it would change.  This is how it has been in the past when I’ve used it.  After reading the directions and the light indicators (there is one light that changes colors and flashes) I found that the battery was not charging.

Onto round 2, I bust out my big battery charger (it’s not that big) and hook up the battery.  The car instantly starts beeping!  Holy moly!  My neighbor was right!  I’ve never heard of such a thing.  Online research states that it is the alarm battery that is beeping and loosing charge.  I can’t leave this connected like this, it is way too annoying.

So I decide to unhook the battery for the charging process.  I used a 10mm socket on a standard ratchet to loosen both battery clamps and get the charger hooked up. 

I let it sit like that for about 6 hours, spaced out between two days.  Once I was convinced that the battery was charged enough to start the car, I hooked up the battery again, dealt with the beeping for a bit, and started the car.  Once the car was started, the beeping had stopped.  I let the car warm up, took it for a spin around the block, and parked it.  Shutting the car off revealed no beeping and everything seems to be back to normal.  I have now started it two weeks in a row and the battery seems to be keeping its charge, also it has not gone through its beeping routine again.  Seems to be OK.

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